How I Found True Love Part 5

So we have made it to part 5. I've really have loved remembering all the details of us falling in love. As I write I remember more and more. Also I had to go back and edit part 4. I realized I had forgotten about a cute part of our first conversation. The edit is at the end.
So get ready here we go...
Part 5- The first date
Lauren looked at the clock. She was getting so nervous. In about 15 minutes she would be getting off and heading to Knoxville. The next morning she would Josh.  Josh and Lauren were talking all the time and texting. It seemed an eternity ago that he had asked her out on their first official date.
Once getting off work she headed to Knoxville. She wanted to buy the right outfit for this occasion. Lauren met her grandmother at a retail store once in Knoxville. Lauren could not wait. She just had a great feeling.
After finding the cutest outfit (Which I still own lol) she headed over to her grandparents house. Josh and Lauren talked for a long time that night on the phone. Knowing that Josh was going to be there early they reluctantly got off the phone.
August 4th, 2007 arrived and Josh would arrive a 10 am. Lauren got dressed and was  nervous but not as nervous as the rest of her family. Lauren received text and phone calls through out the morning. Her grandparents waiting anxiously.
Josh pulled up and Lauren along with her grandparents. He got out of the car and stood there. Didn't move for what seemed about 5 minutes. Obviously getting up the nerve to walk to the front door.
Lauren admired that he looked so stylish. He could dress himself... a good sign. (LOL) As he approached the door everyone went to their seats so he couldn't see them at the door.
*Knock Knock*
Lauren went to the door.
Josh looked pleasantly surprised (Literally he looked at me, eyes got big and he smiled... hee hee)
"Come on in, this is my grandmother Sharon. My grandfather Bill"
Lauren was nervous in introducing her grandpa. She just knew he was going to embarrass her. He had been teasing her that he was going to call him "Bubba".
As Lauren's grandpa shook Josh's hand he didn't let go. Looked straight at in his eyes.
"Now, thats our baby right there. I promised I wouldn't embarrass her. But I'm trusting you to take care of  her. She is our baby and we protect in this family. I expect her to be safe with you. Can I trust you with that son?"
"Yes, sir." Josh replied nervously.
Lauren thought that wasn't too bad. Could have been worse. After saying good bye and promising to text through out the day to let them know she was ok they made their way to the car. Josh opened the door for her. And off they were. What they didn't know is as they pulled away Lauren's grandmother was trying to take pictures of Josh's license plate without them seeing her. Lauren smelled something awful in his car. It smelled like orange trash.
Conversation came easily and quickly. Just some highlights. :)
J"sorry if it smells bad my dad used my car to take the trash"
L"no it smells fine" She lied.
J "Don't know if you've noticed but I twitch. I have terets"
L "No I haven't noticed. Thats ok I have PCOS. Which means I have some hormone problems"
(Talk about being open)
J "So this is a cookout so we will be eating there"
L"Oh ok. Hope they have some salad"
J"You don't have to eat salad because you are with me"
L"Listen, I love salad. But I love food. I love to eat. I'm not going to fake that."
(Yes this conversation happened. It was a long ride to the destination)
Josh and Lauren arrived at the entrance of the national park. Where they were going to have to navigate to a cabin in these mountains somewhere. As Josh handed the directions to Lauren.
Lauren didn't how this was going to work. Lol
Ok so I will continue to our first date next week. I promise it was eventful!



  1. Y'all are just too too cute. I love how open y'all were from the very beginning.


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