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Oneyear Blogiversary Giveaway!!

Hello my dear blogger friends!! I would have never guessed a year ago that this little'ole blog would mean so much to me! I look forward to getting on here and seeing all my blogfriends :)

You gals have been there supporting me with comments and emails and I just want to thank you!! I've been able to share my heart which sometimes hasn't been that "cheery". Thanks for sticking by me!!

If your new to this blog... stay around! Enter my giveaway! It is my first one, and I'm pretty excited!

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Tomorrow, Tomorrow! Its only a day away!

Can we say Aunt LaLa is BUSY!!???

Lordy, time is just flying by and I'm trying to catch up.... Which means my friends short post and to the point!! Ready... Go!

Tomorrow's post READ IT!! Its my one year blogiversary! I'm so excited :) And I think you will be too!

I finished my class with an A!! Praise the Lord!!

I'm back to one class a week again! I made it :)

I have not washed or packed anything for the retreat this weekend! eeEEEkkk!! That means after class tonight I will be doing laundry and packing... at about 11 o'clock

Oh yeah that amazing retreat I've mentioned, its THIS weekend! I'm leaving tomorrow!! :)

I miss my niece and nephews so much. My heart aches with out them. But I know they are in God's hands.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

3 days!

There are so many things going on right now. Some I can't get into on here, and some I'm waiting for the right time (Which means when I have time to deal with the emotions)... moving on..
This morning I went on an interview... Its one of those interviews you know that this is a BIG girl job. I joked with Josh this morning that it was my first REAL adult job interview he of course chuckled. It would be working in my field. I know that God has a plan, so if you would pray that God would either SLAM the door or open it. It would be a big change. It means I would leave my job now... And I LOVE my job. However even though I've been able to grow so much in this job...but what if its time to move on... Scary stuff. To me. I don't like change.
On to other things...
I will be leaving for our women's retreat FRIDAY!!! I can not wait for some R&R... time spent with just me and God. It is no coincindence that this retreat is arriving at this time. There have been some ser…

What's a Friend?

What does it mean to be a friend in your opinion?

I'm not talking your middle school friendships. I'm talk those adult friendships. The girl/guy friends you call first with good news or when you going through something.

What makes those people your true friends?

I sit here pondering this thought. Am I a good friend in my book? I may be, but what counts is that am I a good friend in YOUR book?

In my book a good friend is...

THERE. Sometimes you need word, sometimes just a hug. One thing important to me is when I a person is there through the events in my life. Good. Bad. And the ugly. When you need someone to sympathize they are there. When you are so mad they are there mad with you.

THOUGHTFULNESS. We as a couple try to practice this. But I think with friends its just as important. Texts. Cards. Emails. Facebook post. A call. Something to let them know "Hey, I was thinking about you. Honestly, I'm going to try and do better with this. The friends I see regualary I…

Friday Letters!

Dear K, ugh.  Dear Body, right now I'm not a fan of you.  Dear Pixel, the fact that I taught you a trick still is making me smile :) Dear J, I think your so cute trying to look all professional! Dear Hope, Mommy has been thinking about you alot Dear (hopefully) future kids,  I guess this month was not your time. :(Dear Blog friends, I love that I can come here and share my heart Dear weekend, I will make you awesome and I will relax even if its 10 min! Dear school, I'm enjoying you but I can tell this is getting deep Dear best bud, really wish I could come and see you!Dear J, I love you with all my heart... and this weekend its you and me and the mountains :)Dear God, I know you hear my cries and see my tears.  Have a great weekend!!

Dog Trainer Magnifico!

Yes, I did! I am the first one to teach Pixel a trick!! 

I'm just so excited! 
#1 I was convinced she was ... dumb. Seriously people. This dog is ( as I refer to her) a menace 
#2 We have tried in the past, but let just be honest haven't tried THAT much ( I know, I know- BAD doggy parents)
#3 Because I was first! Come on who doesn't like to be first, finish first, win first prize?
I have changed my career to Dog Trainer Magnifico! 
I shall travel the world help poor doggie owners who are not as talented as I!! 
What trick you ask did I teach... well.... 
She sits and will lay down on command! YES!!! 
I know,  isn't that the MOST brilliant thing ever? :) 
I may or may not have grown a slight fondness of her... 
Oh but don't worry she ruined it by peeing in my house twice (which she hasn't done in FOREVER). We had visitors and she was a little excited. 

We have a love-hate relationship. She loves me unconditionally and I get very annoyed with her.... 
She does k…

Riddle me this...

Looking back at my journals (Been journaling since 12) I remember events as I am older much more differently then what I wrote down. Of course being a teenage girl it was play by play. From a simple smile from a guy to what shoes I was wearing to the concert. 
Your perception changes as you get older. Some hurtful emotions I've forgotten, but as soon as I read those words they came back. Not a fierce, but still there. Things people said, did, and didn't do. 
Why is it that some people HAVE to experience things to learn? Why can not we look at a drug addict or an alcoholic and say "I don't want or need that" 
or see someone who jumps from relationship to relationship and unhealthy that is, yet you follow the same path... 
Those are the times where I want to be like my niece and look at them saying "DUH" :)

Peace, Hope, Joy, Love

OK Friday's Letters were not the happy... I apologize. I try not to be hum-drum on this bloggy world! :)

But last week was a bear! I won't go into all the details but remember my precious niece and nephews (O, J, and E) ... Love those kiddos!

Saturday was four months since we lost our Hope. Honestly I've been so upset its almost as if my mind wouldn't let myself think about it. I don't think I have still let myself think on it. It brings up so much emotion. I will probably have some quiet time today just to think on our baby girl. However something that brought a huge smile to my face was the drawing I received from my friend Nancy.

Is that not beautiful! I got it in the mail on Saturday morning :) It was perfect timing, God knew my heart needed this.

My brother moved into his new apartment! I'm am so excited for him and this new journey. Big changes for the kids. But they are such troopers! They love Dada's new place.

Talking with Josh this morning about o…

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, Thank you for coming! :)Dear Dr. P, Because of your rudeness and insults (being the sensitive person I am) cried almost all day. Dear M, please try and not use your kids as controls for other people. Dear K, I haven't spoke with J in 3 months. This is ridiculous. Dear Josh, I love you. Dear School, I'm glad I have you to concentrate on. Dear Self, YOU are going to have to find something to do to destress... Listen to me! :) Dear O, E, and J- Your uncle and aunt love you so much. We pray for each of you. Dear Josh, I love you. Dear God, Thank you for encouragement you sent me yesterday. Thank you always for your faithfulness. Thank you for being my strength when I'm falling to pieces. I stand amazed and in awe of you once again! 

After my expeirence yesterday at the Drs. I will be looking for another. My blog yesterday was not in anyway completely serious, but after the appointment I had GOOD reason to be anxious going to her. Geeze. But I made it. God gave me …

Mommy, don't make me go!

I'm going to the Doctor later today, actually in about 2 hours. Even thought its just for a check up I'm so apprehensive. Not sure why? I know that I'm good, its just going to that cold white room...

Doctor comes in. Looks at your chart. You know she looks straight away at your weight loss or gain. Then she eyes your blood pressure. All while your sitting there in awkward silence. UGH!

Maybe I shouldn't have wrote about this, its making it worse! LOL

Of course they will want labs, that means blood being sucked from your body ... OK thats a bit dramatic. :)

Am I alone here? Do you have a total unrealistic view of going to the doctor?

Is this normal?

I need some one to psychoanalyze me .... besides me :)

Don't worry I will be a good girl and go... but I WILL NOT like it

I sound like a six year old... geeze

On another note I start my new psych class tonight! So for the next 3 weeks I will be SWAMPED but I will fly by.

Only 15 days until the retreat!!!

Until tomorrow, …

Sunday School Stumps

I'm on the teaching team for older elementary. Grades 3rd - 5th. On my Sundays I always have a lesson prepared... However some tines the kids are full of questions. Nothing that had anything pertaining to my lesson. The questions that they ask someone throw me off guard. For instance...This Sunday we were continuing our lesson on Moses. When were talking about the burning bush, and things we sometimes do not understand things that happens...L- "I have a question Miss Lauren. When Jesus comes back for us.."Me- "the rapture?"L- "Yes, are our clothes going to be still here and bodies be gone? Or will our clothes go with us?L- "what if one if my friends doesn't go, can I sneak back down here and get them?"L- "so there is no sickness in Heaven? There is no vomit!!??"This child had a fear of vomit. Long story.
.....D- "do our bodies go or just our souls?".....J- "I want to know why the people on (some ghost hunting show) f…


I usually do not post twice in one day. But I cannot pass this day by and not remember the ones who lost their lives 11 years ago today. My heart breaks for the ones that have to remember that day with such pain. Whether they were there or lost someone. My heart aches for the families of the heroes that lost their lives trying to save others.

I wonder if our country will ever become patriotic again and stay that way. I remember the way we all rallied together. Our country changes more and more for the worse in my opinion.

My heart and prayers go out to all who have suffered because of this senseless act of murder, selfishness, and rage.

Please do not forget that we have heroes still fighting for our country to this day. It doesn't matter if you agree with the war or hate politics... These men and women live in war! Leaving their families and fighting for you and I. The LEAST we can do is say a prayer and honor them today.

Here is a web site dedicated to the memorial 911 Memorial

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As I catch up on all my reads of my favourite blogs I was noticing a trend. God is really doing a work in some women's lives. He is in mine.

Praises are on my lips for him.

This weekend has held lawnmowers breaking, car not starting, a flat tire (2nd one in 2 weeks), lack of funds...

But you know what. I still praise him.

He is faithful. He has provided every time. There was always some one there to help.

A sweet moment from this weekend. As we are changing the tire in the pouring rain, running late for a very important meeting.. I heard my husband singing a worship song. My heart just swelled. Because that's what its about, things may not go the way we think they should but I will still praise God! He has a plan. I will praise him in every circumstance!

1 Thessalonians "Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

Really think about what this scripture is saying. All circumstance are his will? That's a hard thing to swal…

There goes summer, here comes FALL!


That was September already flying by!! Next week I will be in 2 classes at the same time for 3 weeks. Now, I know what your thinking...
"Lauren its two classes."
Let me just explain here... each class is 6 weeks long, 4 hours each class. So that means every class is crammed with work of a semester. :) So for half of each of my classes I will be in two! That scares me! 
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" This is will be my mantra! 
Plus all the projects I have going at work! EeeEEeekkk!! 
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
So this weekend will be full of chores, school, and mayhem projects. 
What I'm looking forward to is finding my bin of fall decor! Its that time already! I can't wait... I LOVE fall... Pictures to follow :) Now if the weather would just feel like fall that would be fantastic! 

OK, my blog friends have a great weekend!!

Compassion not Criticism

OK I'm super excited! My post about OnTheBrightSide has been featured on their website HERE! Its not much but I thought it was just so awesome! Hopefully will bring in some traffic to my here blog :)

In other news, I'm well!! I feel much better! 
So, in our devotional this morning it was talking about having the compassion of Christ. My heart was instantly convicted. I do struggle in this area. 
I can say that God has changed my heart over the years and I'm not as critical. This post kind of goes hand in hand with my post about Graciousness
Being able to let go of the wrongs and forgive. 
Well the attitude criticism is a bit different from unforgiveness or showing some one grace. 

The judger is called "the critic".To engage in criticism is "to criticize".One specific item of criticism is called "a criticism". This article provides information only about basic kinds of criticism, which are used generally by almost everybody at one t…

How I Found True Love Part 6

To continue our love story :)

I'm going to finish up our first date, when he told me he loved me, enagement, and a wedding post ...probably around our anniversary in December. It is fun to reminice about our love story while we are TTC.

TMI? Sorry but you know my rule.Lets be transparent. I'm not going to pretend we aren't and I know all of you want to stay updated on our progress. So on tomorrow will be an update. :)

Starting where we left at in Part 5 (this is a tad bit longer... but our date lasted 10 hours..I know right??)

When Josh handed Lauren  the directions she couldn't help but chuckle.

"What, are they are hard to understand?"

"No,its just how many times have you heard of couples fighting over directions? And we are tackling this the first date?"

After both laughing at the irony they continued into the park. After about 40 minutes of trying to find their way they realized they were lost. Already about 20 minutes late they figured they need…


I am here. But have not had the energy to blog. I've been sick since Friday night. Not sure what is going on. I think it maybe my hormones. I stopped the birth control so I would say that has something to do with it.

Saturday morning it was time for some top secret shopping for my teams project for the retreat. Oh we got some goodies! It was so much fun seeing our vision come together... What are we doing we ask?? Well....I can't tell you! Women from this retreat read this blog and I'm not giving anything away! Except our projects name is
"Meet Me at the Fair"

This weekend was full of celebration. We celebrated my moms birthday Saturday afternoon at her favourite Mexican restaraunt. We had a blast.

By Sunday morning I felt so horrible. I woke up with a migraine at 5 or 6. My blood pressure shot up. I took some Tylenol. The only thing I was willing to take with us trying to get pregnant. After sleeping for another six hours my migraine went to a headache and my BP…