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Warning: Rant ahead

My post on here, my personal Facebook, my Instagram account almost never hold a rant. 
There is this stigma that really gets under my skin. 
I lost my baby at six weeks and one day. And I am grieving. It is hard.
No that does not make my love any less for E. 
No his everyday smiles does not some how magically erase my broken heart. (It sure helps me smile though)
No I am not reveling in the past but mourning a child... that I already had dreamed of. Made plans for. Decided on a name if it was a girl. 
No I am not being dramatic. 
If you know me at all the desire to be a mother has been strong in my heart since childhood. 
So to loose something you so desperately want is heartbreaking. 
It does not take away from my faith, or mean I don't trust in God. 
It does mean I am questioning and asking why? 
It does mean that I get angry. And feel I have been dealt an unfair hand. 
It does mean that when I walk into Kroger and see a new born baby sometimes I try with all my might not sob a…

One of the Most Important Decisions of My Life

This post is straight from heart and is painful to share... this is not only for my married readers but for my single readers as well. 
I remember when I was 14 and starting writing in a journal to my future husband.
I guess I've always been a romantic and my love for Disney probably didn't help.
To me the person I was going to marry was one of the most important people I would ever meet.
Marriage to me was/is something sacred, important, it would effect my life forever.
It was also something God had created. To join a man and a women together to form a team to work for him. To be companions for each other.
What God had and has planned for me has been important to me...A priority.
I knew what I wanted. I made a list. I petitioned God for about 9 years for my husband. I prayed for him.
My list: Had to have a one on one relationship with God. Had to be a lifestyle. Treated his family with respect and love Filled with the Holy Spirit and believe in the gifts of the spirit Had to…

What did you say?

What did you just say??

I remember the look my mom gave me countless times when she would ask me that question...

It gave me a few seconds to rethink what I could say from here...I could repeat what I had said which would of resulted in a punishment...Or I could say something totally different...

Usually I chose the latter...I changed what I said or gave a pouty "nothing"

My mom would say, "that's what I thought" I can still hear her tone. LOL

Our words have power, as a child the negative repercussions we not pleasant but they were not life altering.

As an adult our words hold more weight. We have bigger more complicated relationships. We are in leadership. We have our own children.

I talked about in my last post that I wanted to just put some keys to a happy marriage and a healthy marriage.

I talked about Quality vs Quantity .... The important of investing in your spouse

Today I want to talk about our words.

Josh and I established a set of rules for our marria…

Making it Happen

After being married almost ten years I feel like I have some insight to this whole married thing. And let's face it we are always learning.

There some key points that I think are an absolute necessity to a healthy happy marriage.
I'm going to talk about those key things. Not in any particular order of importance just some info I'm going to pass along...
I'm an advocate for healthy and happy marriages. 
I believe they are possible and attainable.
I am an analytical thinker.
To me there is a formula to have a successful marriage.
Before I go into these key points or formula... Be warned... Being in a marriage is work. It's a commitment that is not to be taken lightly. You are a team. 
It's going to take you 100%  to do this. 
This post is talking about a key point: Quality VS Quantity
I'm sure the majority of people have heard that taking date nights are important.
Don't lose the romance
Always date your spouse

These are important.
But I've found its n…