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We are having a...

We will be welcoming a baby boy in October! We are so excited! 
Here is our announcement we recorded the day we found out...

This is our family finding out...

Here is the name we picked... 
We are so excited about our little Ethan! Our little miracle!! 
God is so good and faithful! Can't wait to meet our little guy! 
Love,  Ethan's mommy

Is it a Boy or a girl?

As your reading this I am at the doctors waiting to be seen to find out if our little one is a boy or girl!

I am amazed that we are at this point already! We will be at the half way mark on Monday - 20 weeks!!

I will be posting the gender on my facebook personal and blog page on Saturday evening.

This is a joyous day to celebrate a miracle. God has blessed us with a miracle... you do realize that?

Even on this joyous day, my heart aches. Two years ago today we lost a baby we were not even aware of we had, Hope. My heart bleeds for those who still are in trenches of infertility. My heart bleeds for our loss...

Yet , I weep at the love and grace of God. Who would have ever imagined two years ago that I would be feeling the anticipation of seeing my little one in my womb? Not me. Not Josh.

I sit here crying over our loss and our blessing! Talk about conflicting emotions.

Losing Hope was the darkest place I have ever walked. The deepest pain I have ever felt...

Yet as I faced this time la…

Its Over

It is true...  When you read this I will be getting ready to walk across the stage with my diploma.

There are so many things changing this year.  Roles in my life that are ending and ones that are beginning.

Not to mention all my emotions about Mothers Day.

I have been a college student since 2005. August 19,2005 to be exact.  I have cried,  stressed,  studied,  accrued debt,  laughed, made great friends...  That is all coming to an end.  I'm in shock I have no book to study,  no paper to write,  no professor to complain about...  Through all the tough times,  honestly,  I'm going to miss it.  Terribly.

In just a few months I will be holding our precious little baby.  What a wonderful new, scary, overwhelming, it is a miracle role.

Add that to the overwhelming joy and still some grief in my heart,  emotions all over the place feelings I have about Mother's Day... And whew you have yourself a pretty emotional pregnant lady.

There is so much I want to write but alas I m…