Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Time Mom: Sending an SOS

So we are just passed 30 weeks heading to 31 weeks!

I cannot believe how fast all of this is flying by. It is getting closer to D-day :)

None of the women in my family have made it to 40 weeks. Only to about 37 or 38 weeks. So from ALL the information I read (Which for this over analyzing person is two books, online classes, and many articles) genetics play a big part of all  things delivery. Or I could be the odd gene out and go over 40 weeks (please NO!) ... My guess is the little mister will be here in September.

Ethan is measuring a little on the bigger side. His belly is in the 68th percentile! He will be long as well. So... yeah I'm good for 37 weeks :)

So, since this is my first time delivering a baby. There are so many options and opinions. As previously stated I've read and read. But I really want to go in informed and know what basic things to expect. I know that there is no way to know exactly what will happen.

I found several examples of birth plans, and wow! All these decisions and I know I need to be decided before I'm in the moment because it will be too overwhelming for J and I to make those decisions.

Who do you want in the room? Circumcision or no? Vaccines? Drugs? How do you want the babies heartbeat to be monitored? Are you going to eat? Not eat? Move around or not?  Episiotomy or not? Push when I feel the urge or wait to be told?

and on, on, and on...

Then we get to postpartum. Oh boy, in all honesty I'm more concerned about that then the labor. Do you know how many women talk about the first time you go #2 after labor and how scary it is!? Ugh, or how when you pee you need to have a squirt type bottle? Then there are hemorrhoids, stitches...

So you mommies that have been through this, please any tips on postpartum and what to take with me to the hospital would be greatly appreciated!

This first time mommy needs your help!

Aunt LaLa

Sunday, July 20, 2014


That is our Ethan! Oh my heart! He is weighing 3.1 lbs, looks great! So does mommy! Just please keep praying for us.

Aunt LaLa

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I am determined to be a good mother... like my mom

I have always dreamed about being a mommy. I mommied my cousins, my younger brother (still do sometimes), even my older sister. I was the one who reminded everyone of the rules, comforted them when they were in trouble or sad.

I want to just point out as I get older and I am entering this new season I am appretiating my mother more than I ever have.

When I got married and was learning to be a wife, I got a new perspective looking at my mom.

Now with Ethan coming... there is a drive inside of me that says "Protect that baby"

Growing up my mom would say frequently how she loved being a mom. That she loved her kids.

 I can remember when Susan Smith murdered her children in the 1990s. I can still see in my mind the news program when she begged the "person" who had them to bring the home. Then I remember the day when the news came that she had actually drowned her children. My mothers face was mortified then it turned to sadness. I remember her just praying aloud for the family and being so upset that a mother could do that. Hugging both my brother and I more frequently that day.

My mothers heart is a TRUE mothers heart. From correction, to hugs and kisses.

When I was about 12-14 years of age my mom and I went through such a rough spot. She was going through some tough things and so was I, our whole family was. There was not much communication and lots of hurt feelings. One night at a ladies meeting the speaker was talking about unforgiveness. Later on I went to the speaker and told her how angry and hurt I was at my mom, that I didn't want to feel that way. From across the room my mother heard my whispered words. I'm convinced God wanted to my mom to hear my words. After talking to the speaker mom motioned for me to come and sit by her.

The pin my mom gave me
My mom, in a humbled teary voice asked for my forgiveness. Explaining to me that she loved me more than herself and that she would try harder. In the same loving voice asked grace and understanding from me. I promised to do better too. Then mom gave me a pin to wear. She told me to wear it and remember that she will ALWAYS love me.

From that night on mom and I have been close. There were still the usual teen and parent conflicts occasionally, but it never was the same.

Now here I am about to embark on this journey, and I can count my mother as one of my closest friends. I can confide in her and trust her. We respect each other.

This woman instilled in me the importance of praising God through every circumstance, to pray about every situation, to put God first, and when I have children be the best mother that I can be. Those children are a gift from God and should be treated as so.

So this post is dedicated to my mother, Kathy. I love you!

Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm sorry, WHAT?!

First off, I know that almost every post (OK all of them) is about Baby Ethan... but I can't really say I'm sorry.

I had so many plans and wants about this blog. I really did. I also thought I would have cute little updates and write all this great stuff now that I'm not in school.

But seriously, time has RACED by... and I'm left here dumbfounded that I'm now officially in my third trimester (28 weeks today)! How did that even happen?

Ethan is our miracle people. I will continue to brag and glorify God! Because we are having a son! God has stepped in so many times to comfort, give strength, and even intervene. He has protected and preserved the life of our baby boy. Whom we are already in-love with! Seriously I spend probably almost an hour everyday watching my stomach move from kicks.

This is definitely a new season for me. There are so many transitions that I have faced this year.

First I'm no longer a student. I want desperately to return to get my masters but I want to concentrate
on Ethan and Josh for a bit first. But I have been trying to complete my degree since 2005. I have had several obstacles  and God has seen me through them. Once that was completed I was kind of lost. Wondering what may lay ahead. I was desperately trying to find a new job but every door was closed, and I realized that God may want to me to wait and stay where I'm at for now.

Second, becoming a mother has made me a different person. Probably not so much in my external behavior but my eternal process. I feel stronger and healthier (mind, spirit, and body) than I ever have. As a new mom-to-be I feel empowered and have a strong sense of determination about several things. I've shared a little about this here-----> first time mom: Resolution

These two transitions brought several small and big changes in my life. With growth comes struggles and victories.

So yes, these post are about Ethan but in a big way I'm writing about a journey. A spiritual journey of healing and restoration, a journey of physical health, a journey of becoming a mom...

So, I'm hoping that these words do not fail in encouraging someone or maybe spur some questions. I just know I love this blog and I value the friendships I've made through Aunt LaLa.

As always I'm here if you need me to pray, have questions, ect... Email me at auntlala25 [at] gmail or feel free to comment!

Aunt LaLa