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First Time Mom: Resolution

Excuse the dust around here... excuse me while I tear down the cob webs....
There we go :)
What a crazy time! From wedding showers, babies, weddings, baby showers... whew now it feels like it is crunch time for baby Ethan!
We are 26 weeks today!! That's only 14 weeks until due date! 
What!? Oh my goodness... 
What a whirlwind this season has been, so many decisions and choices to think and pray about. 
The main thing that has been going on which is why it has been so quiet around here - there has been an enormous amount of stress with this pregnancy. 
When we first found out we were pregnant my A1C (in short is my overall glucose average) was a 10.?  which normal I believe is around 5.5 - 6. So I was sent to a high risk Dr. Everything was going fine, there were some issues that I chose to ignore and shrug off because I really thought it maybe me just being sensitive. 
Then in May I was treated disrespectfully, we tried to resolve this issue but was met with an attitude of aroganc…