First Time Mom: Resolution

Excuse the dust around here... excuse me while I tear down the cob webs....

There we go :)

What a crazy time! From wedding showers, babies, weddings, baby showers... whew now it feels like it is crunch time for baby Ethan!

We are 26 weeks today!! That's only 14 weeks until due date! 

What!? Oh my goodness... 

What a whirlwind this season has been, so many decisions and choices to think and pray about. 

The main thing that has been going on which is why it has been so quiet around here - there has been an enormous amount of stress with this pregnancy. 

When we first found out we were pregnant my A1C (in short is my overall glucose average) was a 10.?  which normal I believe is around 5.5 - 6. So I was sent to a high risk Dr. Everything was going fine, there were some issues that I chose to ignore and shrug off because I really thought it maybe me just being sensitive. 

Then in May I was treated disrespectfully, we tried to resolve this issue but was met with an attitude of arogance. I was so upset, feeling torn because how can I possible go somewhere where I feel so uncomfortable and anxious. Every appointment I was anxious. It was awful. There were also another circumstances that were causing me stress, but that main angst was my doctor. 

I prayed that God would show me what to do, where would Ethan be most taken care of?

I talked it over with a few close people, and decided I would not be returning to that practice.

As Ethan's mother and a grown women I have a choice. My body and my baby, I do not have to put myself in a situation I am uncomfortable. 

I went and visited my primary doctor and we discussed some options. Tomorrow I have my first appointment with my new OB. I am elated. I felt such weight lifted off my shoulders, it was great. I put my trust in God to guide every step and he did.

I'm thrilled  for everyone to know that my A1C is now at normal level! :) My new doctor is actually a regular OB. I cannot wait to see my baby boy tomorrow! To get us both checked out and reaffirm that we are both doing well. Please pray my A1C stays normal, sometimes in the 3rd trimester it raises and I would love to stay at a regular OB.

I wanted to share this for a couple reasons. One is to empower first time moms. I know that it is scary. There is so much that is unknown and unfamiliar. All of sudden you are faced with these decisions and choices, its so over whelming. 

I have tackled these feelings by sharing my fears and worries with J. To my surprises we are feeling the same things. (Well some of them, he isn't preparing to give birth LOL) It was so nice not to be stuck in my own head but to share. 

Then I remember that I serve a big God that he has got my back. And has given me the ability to decide what is best for our child. Ethan is the most important right now. I'm responsible for his well-being. 

Another thing, guess what? This is not anyone's child but your and your spouses! Not your parents, friends, or in-laws. This is your child. 

Most of the time advice is given because there is love and caring behind it. However, ultimatley this is the new parents decision. 

How you give birth, where you give birth, what doctor you want, what clothes you want, what decorations you want, how you want to raise your child.... it's up to mommy and daddy. 

Being pregnant has really given me a sense of empowerment as a mother and woman. I cannot explain it in words, but Ethan is not even here and my world is already drastically changing. 

So, this post is long enough :) But as always I'm here if you want to discuss this or even vent (us first moms have alot going on) 

God is so good and I cannot wait to our little miracle Ethan! 

Aunt LaLa


  1. I will be glad to go with you if Josh can't go. I am here if you need me! Don't stress, like you said, the Lord has your back, front, side, top and bottom! He leads we follow! Your doing great, your keeping yourself healthy therefore Ethan is healthy! Love you and your in my prayers always!!


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