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To every season turn turn turn

Here we are at the beginning of the holiday season! Time is just zooming around right along with my boy who zooming everywhere walking...
Change is tough. Really tough... But I am writing about change on the tail end of my season of change.
We have settled into our new home, new roles, and a different life than we had known before our boy.
It is much easier to say "everything is going well" now that we have been doing this for more than a year. I cannot believe I just typed that!
As a family we have made some difficult decisions on the behalf of Ethan and what is best for him. As of May of this year we decided it was best for me to stay home with Ethan for the time being. We have had to make sacrifices and our budget is extremely tight. It was also a great fit for me. 
After having Ethan I had some serious Postpartum Depression. But that is for another post... 
This last year has been amazing, stressful, but there has just been so much love. 
Traveling through a new season …