Mr. and Mrs.

First Photo together. We were officially exclusive :)

Read our Love story!


  1. You have a story quite similar to mine. From you and your husbands story to struggles with PCOS and infertility. I just told my husband after church tonight that I felt I had no one to talk to when I had a "no baby pity party" because all my friends have children. God knew I needed this tonight. Thank you for sharing your life.

    1. I'm so glad that you found my blog. It is such a hard journey isn't? I beyond thrilled that God led you here. Sometimes this journey is really lonely! Please feel fee to email me anytime auntlala25 (at) gmail or stay connected here. This blog and meeting people through this blog has been really amazing! I'll be lifting you up in prayer.

    2. While reading your story "I could put it down"! I'm tickled at the fact that mine and my husband's love story is quite similar. Whirlwind romance and wild first date. I was humored. God really is an awesome matchmaker :) I will definitely be following your blog.


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