"Do you ever feel like you are living Groundhog day?"

This was the question Josh asked me this morning. My response was yes! :)

Josh and I were talking last night about when was the last time we had actually just went away for the weekend. Not going to visit, not holidays... but just he and I. Just to unwind..

It has been a year. I know some couples hardly go away for anything but up until last year Josh and I went on small trips just to wind down. We would go off on Saturdays with no plans but to just spend time together.

We went spent some time together in August. It was our vacation at home. It was wonderful but just wasn't the same not being able to actually go anywhere. Last year we went for a weekend in February and then spend some time with Friends in April. Then May was just heartbreaking and incredibily stressful.

There has been so many events, stress, and a thousand other things...

But this year we are going to get back in this groove. Starting this weekend. Saturday unfortunately has be started with work and putting away our Christmas (It is almost February). But Sunday here we come. We both have the day off Monday due to MLK holiday.

I was listening to an interview this morning. There as a couple talking about their marriage. We must invest time in our marriage. We must "tune" it up. No matter how long you have been married, you never stop learning. And NEVER stop trying to make it better and enjoyable. Just some food for thought.

Josh and I are a family and I want us to enjoy life and so we shall :)


  1. Take sometime to go see Paul or Jessica! They would be glad to see you and you could take Josh out to see our old house and just chill here and there! Take time, laugh, relax, and just unwind or rewind. LOL! love,grams

  2. I think its a great idea to get away just the two of you. No visiting anyone and enjoy your time together. It really does make it so much sweeter when its not in your home. Putting yourselves in a different environment (for me any way) has us enjoy and relax more than if we just stayed at home.

    Hope you enjoy time away with your family!! :) I think some forget even if its just you two (generalized "you"), it still makes a family. :)

  3. I agree! I want you and Josh to enjoy life as much as possible. Josh's are great guys are they not? My "loves" name is Josh too and we have been together 3 years plus now :) Cannot wait to hear where you two escape to!

    1. Thank you, we are going to try our best! Josh's are great guys!! :) We have been together 5+ years now.


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