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He died for me...

What does Good Friday mean to you?

To me it's a holiday that comes before Easter. Honestly I think that it is so great that we have a seperate day to celebrate our Christ crucifixtion and his ressurection.

But I live my life with Christ sacrifice in my heart. I'm reminded everyday because of his ressurection I can go to into his throne room and worship him! I can ask for forgivness right where I am with out having to wait for once a year to have a high priest pray over me and sacrifice an animal... to shed the blood to make me pure again...

When Jesus died for me and for you he shed his blood... the blood that makes us new. We are alive in him! We are saved through him!!

Me, someone who fails everyday. Ignores God when he wants to talk to me. Sins when I know I shouldn't. Gossips. Lies. Doubts. Loses my temper.  ALL this and I was HIS passion!? God gave his son up for ME? Christ wanted to die for me?? I am that Loved?

I just don't think I could put into words how …

Sickness, car accidents, and a final

Weeks like last week are why I am glad that I have an amazing husband. Because when life happens my Josh is there!

Wednesday I woke up with do much pain in my face I was in tears. My stuffy, semi cold had  havoc in my face er sinuses. Oh my lord... I have never had my sinuses hurt like that. The Dr. told me it was a.sinus infection. Prescribed some STRONG meds... I went home and slept...

So Thursday I was isn't so much pain. Did some school work. Mom brought my niece and nephew over right when I finished my paper! Timing was great I needed a break. Mom leaves and I begin to try and study. Then I get a phone call that sent my heart up to my throat. My mom calls and said someone hit her and the kids and took off. Josh and I in about a minute left. J to get my dad and I went to my mom. Praying the whole way and thanking God that no one was hurt. The kids were OK, mom was hurting.

After getting there the police had just left to pick up the girl who hit mom. I help everyone inside &qu…

Only 5 more days...

I will be going to GA for a VERY short trip to see my sister and nephew! I can not wait! Pictures will be posted :)

I haven't seen them in 10 months! 10!! That seems like such a big number... because it is. Now that we have a second car I don't have to wait until J can be off!

I will be seeing my best bud too and who doesn't get excited when they get to see their best friend!

And... I'm getting hair make over by my beauitful cousin! She is awesome with hair let me tell you! I can't wait to see what her creativity comes up with :)

I heard the news last week that Google Reader will be GONE in June. I was pretty miffed about this. Most of my readers follow me on Google Friend Connect. I'm not really clear after researching if that will remain... anyhow if it does not you can follow  me on Bloglovin ... Blogloving is also letting you transfer all your google reader feed to your account on there. THANK YOU BLOGLOVIN!

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Servants Heart

I love my husband...

His heart is one the biggest, loving, compassionate, and forgiving hearts I know.

I am not afraid to admit that something I work on is being high strung (if you ever meet my dad you will know I come by it honestly...giggle.

 I do work hard on not being so demanding of MY way. I really do.Since January my education has been a little more taxing... grief has shown its ugly head... and changing to a more demanding job has really made my stress of perfection rise fairly quickly.

Usually there is lots of apologizing on my part. And on Josh's. But this is about my weak areas  not his.

So because of my stress I usually feel the same things:
1. distance from Josh
2. very sensitive
3. then I cry

Here is the reason of this post...

Lastnight I was  feeling all 3 of these things and when I get stressed all I can see is EVERYTHING that needs to get done.
-Group project
-4 blog post for class
-7 pg paper
-living room

So the list goes...

So what does Josh …

His eye is on the sparrow!

God is faithful in the small and big things.  His love is everlasting.  His peace surpasses all understanding.  His mercy and grace are unending... Oh how I love Jesus!
This is on my heart this morning. God has been so faithful to me. Sometimes I forget how much he loves me. I was reminded again Tuesday night at my monthly ladies group meeting (SafeHearts). A sister was sharing her heart. Which sounded alot like mine...
Shame - Beacause I've made a mistake Guilt - for failing Heartbreak- because I can't get it right Heartache - because I'm grieving so hard (This is my heart not hers)
Having feelings and emotions are fine. Its OK that I am grieving. God built our minds, bodies, and gave us these emotions. He created me this way. 
However there is a slight problem... its when these struggles become your focus and not God. When all you can do is concentrate on the heartache or struggle. I believe we go through seasons of when we struggles are harder then others. I think a…

BIG announcment!

Remember when I said that I had been contacted by a website to be a contributor blogger?

Well the website was launched today!!

 I have been following Fawn over at Happy Wives Club for some time now and love what she is doing! I actually wrote a post about her website HERE. Fawn contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in being a contributor to the website.... of course I said YES!!

You can find my first post on their website HERE! Go check it out please! And leave me a comment, share the page.

I'm so excited to be apart of this movement because ... I'm a Happy Wife! I love being married and feel blessed to be apart of this great group of wives :)

Go check out the new website and enter in a AWESOME giveaway! When I say awesome I really mean it! :) Just click the button below...
Staying Hopeful, Aunt LaLa

You gotta a friend in me

I love that song from Toy Story!

This past weekend was so much fun! After work on Saturday Josh picked me up and we headed out to meet up with some friends!

I have been friends with S since '05! We worked together at my very first daycare job. I haven't seen her since her wedding in '10! We live in different cities and well you know how it goes...

It was the first time we all 4 were able to hangout! As couples... is it crazy that I get so excited when we can have couple dates? instead of our individual friends? I find it extremely frustrating when we can't find a couple we BOTH like. Her J and my J seem to hit it off GREAT! Yay for that!

Of course it was like Schere and I had just seen eachother last week!

Putt putt was involved which S won!! Whew was she excited! Then some fun at the arcade! There may be a video of S and I doing some dance dance revolution... :) And I believe S got addicted to one of my favs! Of course she won over 1,000 tickets!

Looking forward to h…

Distraction to focused

It's so hard to concentrate on work or school while I'm fighting these spiritual battle.
I went to a grief and loss session and so much came out of me I didn't even realize was there.
A big hugs boulder in my life that I chained myself to that was literally sucking the life out of me. Its been a crazy time.
I am working through it. So bare with me, as I am feeling a tad overwhelmed with it all.
I've made yet another resolution to my attempt at processing my grief.
I'm only taking one day at a time.
Don't tell me to be strong, because right now its ok if I'm not. I've posted several times about being an expert at "Pushdownism". And if I continue with that state of mind I'm going to be even more unhealthy then I was before losing Hope.
I'm working on not comparing. Comparing how much better of a mom I would be then so and so.
My heart cries out "God! I've been faithful to you! Why must I suffer this way?"
Then I'…