Sickness, car accidents, and a final

Weeks like last week are why I am glad that I have an amazing husband. Because when life happens my Josh is there!

Wednesday I woke up with do much pain in my face I was in tears. My stuffy, semi cold had  havoc in my face er sinuses. Oh my lord... I have never had my sinuses hurt like that. The Dr. told me it was a.sinus infection. Prescribed some STRONG meds... I went home and slept...

So Thursday I was isn't so much pain. Did some school work. Mom brought my niece and nephew over right when I finished my paper! Timing was great I needed a break. Mom leaves and I begin to try and study. Then I get a phone call that sent my heart up to my throat. My mom calls and said someone hit her and the kids and took off. Josh and I in about a minute left. J to get my dad and I went to my mom. Praying the whole way and thanking God that no one was hurt. The kids were OK, mom was hurting.

After getting there the police had just left to pick up the girl who hit mom. I help everyone inside "order" my mother to just sit until dad can get there. She was hurting so bad, I made the executive decision that dad was taking her to the hospital. My brother was on the way to get the kids. As soon as dad got there I had only been there right under an hour and had to leave.

Leave? Yes, leave. I was supposed to be going to my last class where I was taking a FINAL! Yeah, the little studying I did, the wreck,  my speeding... was not for a good testing environment! WOW!

Do you want to know how great my God is?

He protected my family
The police were able to find the girl who hit them
I have an amazing husband who assured me he wouldn't leave our family until everyone was OK
And I made a 82.3 on my final!!!! YAY!! That is a miracle my friends.

On Friday night all the stress caught up with me. J and I talked forever and then we prayed together.

Its weeks like this that make so grateful to have a spouse who
#1 Loves my crazy family as much as I do
#2 Is strong when I can't be
#3 Always prays over me
#4 Who is just there.

God has blessed me indeed!
Happy Wives Club

Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa


  1. So glad your mom and family were ok and so glad to hear how your husband loves your family as his own, and prays over you. You do, indeed have a wonderful husband. And yes, God is good! He gives us the strength and courage we need at just the right times. :)

  2. so glad everyone is ok. God is great in all things and happy for your final turning out well. please get some rest and your and your mom feel better soon. Josh is a great guy and glad he could stay there until the end.


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