Only 5 more days...

I will be going to GA for a VERY short trip to see my sister and nephew! I can not wait! Pictures will be posted :)

I haven't seen them in 10 months! 10!! That seems like such a big number... because it is. Now that we have a second car I don't have to wait until J can be off!

I will be seeing my best bud too and who doesn't get excited when they get to see their best friend!

And... I'm getting hair make over by my beauitful cousin! She is awesome with hair let me tell you! I can't wait to see what her creativity comes up with :)

I heard the news last week that Google Reader will be GONE in June. I was pretty miffed about this. Most of my readers follow me on Google Friend Connect. I'm not really clear after researching if that will remain... anyhow if it does not you can follow  me on Bloglovin ... Blogloving is also letting you transfer all your google reader feed to your account on there. THANK YOU BLOGLOVIN!

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Time for Tuesday Prayers...

Pray for safe travels next week
Pray for our church (HCF) 
Pray for the Pastors and leaders 
Pray for our children and teens
Pray for niece and nephews
Please continue to pray for my sister for a healthy pregnancy and healthy momma
Pray for 2 of my friends who have both lost loved ones this week

If there is anything I can pray for, for you please let me know!

Staying Hopeful,
Aunt LaLa


  1. prayers for a safe journey and all other things on your mind and heart!

  2. Hoping you have a blessed trip and enjoy some fun times with your family! I am super jealous of your new hair makeover too and can't wait to see what your cousin comes up with. So glad you linked up for Tuesday's Prayers....praying blessings abundant my friend. :-)

  3. Glad you going to see Kim and JJ! Give them a big hug for me and maybe we'll get down soon!! Will pray for you to have a safe fun time. Love you


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