Servants Heart

I love my husband...

His heart is one the biggest, loving, compassionate, and forgiving hearts I know.

I am not afraid to admit that something I work on is being high strung (if you ever meet my dad you will know I come by it honestly...giggle.

 I do work hard on not being so demanding of MY way. I really do.Since January my education has been a little more taxing... grief has shown its ugly head... and changing to a more demanding job has really made my stress of perfection rise fairly quickly.

Usually there is lots of apologizing on my part. And on Josh's. But this is about my weak areas  not his.

So because of my stress I usually feel the same things:
1. distance from Josh
2. very sensitive
3. then I cry

Here is the reason of this post...

Lastnight I was  feeling all 3 of these things and when I get stressed all I can see is EVERYTHING that needs to get done.
-Group project
-4 blog post for class
-7 pg paper
-living room

So the list goes...

So what does Josh do as I tell him he hurt my feelings... tells me he is sorry and hugs me.

And says "talk to me babe" ... which for me to put my feelings into words is hard for me sometimes. I eternalize everything and work it out that way.

Tells me just quit school (in jest of course which made me laugh)

And then tell me get comforable on my "school chair" and just concentrate on doing my school stuff. Next thing I know he made me something to eat and brought me a big drink.

THEN he cleaned the kitchen... wow what an amazing man I'm married to.

When I was worn down and frustrated he looked for a way to serve me.. .

Think of the impact we would make if we did that in our relationships? What would that look like if we loved that much in every aspect of our life...

I'm a very blessed wife... I love you Josh :)

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  1. Very good Josh! Sometimes we just need a hug or two! And sometimes it's good to just let someone pamper us! Love you

  2. Kudos to Josh! And hats off to you for realizing how awesome he is. I think we can take one another for granted more often than we would like to admit. Thank you for sharing this sweet experience and thanks for linking up with HWC!

    Christy Joy

  3. This is beautiful - an example of love in action! You were vulnerable and shared, and he stepped in and up to meet your needs. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you both.

  4. Okay, now we all want to meet your Dad :). One of greatest shortcomings is I don't respond well to stress. The blessing is my husband and I both know this well so we put safeguards in place so when I've overcommitted so it doesn't adversely impact our relationships. So far so good :)


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