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Evolution and God?

One of the most controversial subjects is evolution... Evolution is a change in living organisms that change over time. (I sound smart don't I) That is the definition in simple terms. I'm taking "Intro to Biology" right now and there of course has been a couple classes devoted to evolution. The part of evolution I have a hard time with is the part where scientist say they have proven we have evolved from a chimpanzee like animal over millions and millions years. First off, it is a total contradiction to the scripture, that I put my total belief in. I believe that the word of God is the ultimate truth. So when looking at the evidence in our text books it does make me wonder... Now stay with me on this. ( Remember I believe God made man and is the ultimate creator of our universe)

This are just some thoughts I'm throwing out there... I'm not a scientist, and DO NOT pretend to be one. So after thinking on this quite a bit, what if to  populate the world God did …