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Why am I like this?

So, I hope you seen my live on Aunt LaLa's Facebook page. If you are have not been over there please do :) Like and Follow...

The video went into where I have been... and why the hiatus from blogging.

Last year was a rough one.

J lost an uncle and 2 aunt's.

We had a friendship severed.

Just two weeks ago we were hit financially. In a very big way.

My heart was broken when we lost Little Bit.

J put it so accurately when he said that we were blindsided... We were in a mindset of this pregnancy would be tough like Ethan's but it would be okay. Losing the baby never entered our minds.

We did not share the due date. On purpose.

I really didn't think I could handle everyone knowing.

Losing Hope was so different. Talking about it helped me. It helped me heal.

It connected me to women, forged friendship...

Losing Little Bit has been completely different.

I felt more vulnerable, it has felt deeper somehow

The most difficult part of this journey was that my faith was shaken.