Why am I like this?

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The video went into where I have been... and why the hiatus from blogging.

Last year was a rough one.

J lost an uncle and 2 aunt's.

We had a friendship severed.

Just two weeks ago we were hit financially. In a very big way.

My heart was broken when we lost Little Bit.

J put it so accurately when he said that we were blindsided... We were in a mindset of this pregnancy would be tough like Ethan's but it would be okay. Losing the baby never entered our minds.

We did not share the due date. On purpose.

I really didn't think I could handle everyone knowing.

Losing Hope was so different. Talking about it helped me. It helped me heal.

It connected me to women, forged friendship...

Losing Little Bit has been completely different.

I felt more vulnerable, it has felt deeper somehow

The most difficult part of this journey was that my faith was shaken.

Me! The one who depends on God with my very core.

Sigh... This was tough guys...

It seemed the closer it got to the due date the more I struggled.

Going through counseling and working out my emotions was the best thing I could have done.

I believe we all have a calling on our lives. A purpose from God.

I have been "mothering" since I was a little girl.

I felt sometimes I was the logical or "mother" voice in the group of my friends. Especially when I was young.

Seeing women have miscarriages and acting like they are fine. It doesn't affect them in the same way. Or bother them.

I've seen women talk about it clinically... They don't see it as a baby yet. There is no attachment.

There are those that are sad but are ready to try again as soon as possible...

Then there is me. Heartbroken. Depressed. Angry. Crying.  In counseling.

I started to question everything.

Why am I like this? Why are they like that? Are they judging me? Am I judging them?

Women, especially those that have anxiety, can relate to that crazy spiral that leads you straight to thinking all sorts of things and they come fast one after another.

I have felt really insecure about myself during this time.

All these things that I believed made me who I am... felt shifted and shaken up

Through life God brings you through some trails, some valley's, and then there are mountain tops.

This valley I have walked was the valley of death.

Death to a precious life I will not meet until Heaven.
Death to my sense of security
Death to what I believed was untouchable
Death to my prideful way of thinking
Death to a part of me...

In the next post I will talk to more about this... And what has changed in me. And what has changed in my life. When I say every part of my life has been touched in this season, I mean that. Places that I thought your beyond being tested.

But know this, I am okay.

This scripture fits..

"We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted,  but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed" 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

God is faithful.

Be encouraged. Even though I am writing about a valley. Our valley's do not last forever.

My prayer is that this blog reaches someone... somewhere.

All my love,
Aunt LaLa

PS Did you notice the new look?? :)


  1. Our joy comes in the morning! God is great and we will overcome! I love the new blog look btw.

  2. It looks lovely just like the writer. :-) I know you have been through a lot although I know you don't put it all out there on facebook. I would love to know Little Bit's due date so I can remember that special day. You have been such a special friend to me. I admire your courage and faith through this. I have always wanted to find a counseling loss group to join but never have. I have a hard time opening up to people about our loss too. With a new friend at church, Eddie actually told her our story before I did. I just get choked up and can't get words out when I try to speak about it. I knew this friend had a story too as she and her husband only had one child Evan's age. After she knew our story, she was able to tell her struggle with infertility and longing for more children. Very similar to you and such a great heart. I am thankful when God brings me closer to others on this journey. Love you, friend!


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