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Thoughts on what it means to be a Wife

Becoming a mom has only showed me more the role in a woman's life. Ladies we have a big job. A big job. Yes, dads-husbands-men have major roles too, but as I get older I see more and more how the mom-wife-woman are the glue.  This post is really written to the wives... just some thoughts
When I was younger when someone  mentioned the traditional role of a wife I would cringe. Me? "Submit" to a man? I had a very narrow view of what a traditional life was. As a modern woman that is independent and was raised to know my own mind, not only know and respect myself but that it was okay to voice it.

Then I got married. As the years have passed I've learned that my role as a wife, now a mother is SO much more than I could see through my "Ms. Independent" eyes.

And the LORD God said, "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper meet for him." (Genesis 2:18)
… man was not created for the sake of the woman, but woman for the sake of …

Hello, Hello, you say Good-bye I say hello

Good bye.. ...2014. the year I received the greatest gift on this earth besides Christ. the anxiety that came with being pregnant with my miracle. my college career our family of two our doggie, Pixel ...East Tennessee Children's Hospital ...plans that did not work out                                                           ...feeling my baby in my belly

Hello... ...2015. baby boy Ethan many many first finding a better home a family of 3 now new beginnings changes growing closer to God Ethan ....a new job (maybe) new plans changes in Aunt LaLa Hope you all enjoyed your holidays!! Aunt LaLa