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FQF... And so forth

So excited to have received a new book & game night tonight! Bowling! && my (AWESOME) aunt found a book by Jill Briscoe that some of the women had been talking about reading! I posted some of Jill Briscoe here ... She is my new favorite! She found it for $.75! I love finding good deals, and I especially love when my aunt thinks about me.
<----- You should check this book out

So now its time for.... Five Question Friday! Whoohoo!! As always I'm linking up with Mama M. over at Five Crooked Halos.

1. What's your favorite way to spend down time (alone or with a significant other)?
Well I love to read at a park by myself or take a nap. That would be my down time. However, with J it would be going to the mountains just the two of us. I love it up there. We always try new restaurants. This year we actually bought passes that last a year and we can go to any of the Ripley's attractions! It was well worth the money. Hopefully going up there this Sunday :) We have so m…

BLAH Thursday..

I'm a slacker! a blogger slacker! lol... Yes I have been horrible about blogging. But this week children, Mrs. Lauren is back! :) Well, I guess its more for next week, Ha!

Well, this weeks I started my new class, and I loved it!! Hebrew and Christian Traditions... basically a bible study class. I love it! But there is alot of reading. Today was a ho-hum day. Lots on my mind. Some old things trying to creep back up.

I've made some commitments this year... one was to live in there here and now.  Not looking to what I could have, want, desire. Today is just one of those days where I fight it more then others. I hate feeling this way. As soon as I leave work here in just a bit, I'm going to grab me some lunch and head to hideaway where I got to think, pray, and sometimes cry. Its a place where no one knows where I go (Except Josh... just in case... of what I don't know). I love being able to go by myself and just reflect, pray and read my bible. Nothing is more peaceful th…

Thank God this week is OVER

Well I have not blogged much this week due to I have had a sick husband, and I love my hubby but usually when a man is sick it WEARS the wife out... Plus we have a new puppy and we had a thing for the church which was GREAT! I talked about it HERE ... FINISHED my LAST philosophy class which I explained my woes HERE & needless to say it has been crazay! <--- Like my new word :)

Anyway now for something fun FIVE QUESTION FRIDAY with Mama M.

 1. What do you do when you are really upset to calm yourself down?

 Usually pray, cry, walk, write in my journal... Try to do something to calm me down. EAT! lol

2. Do you go all out for V-day or is it just another day?

Well, we usually ALWAYS go out or stay in and have a romantic dinner. Last year I cooked and we stayed home. This year that was the plan, but however Josh was sick.So we actually did NOTHING... I was bummed. I even tried to decorate.Oh well. Maybe he will make it up to me. 

3. Are you more or less productive when Hubs is away?

Valentines Day 2012

Linking up with this fun blog in honor of Valentines Day!!

1. How long have you and your significant other been together? Five years in August! Holy moly! I can't believe I just typed that! WOW!! 
2. How did you meet? {What's your "love" story?} Josh and I both joined a dating website for separate reasons then finding someone... I joined because they had a personality test and it was free (the psych major coming out) & it I was fulfilling a promise to my grandmother (I'll have to blog about that sometime) ... He joined because he seen a band he liked was actually a member, he claims curiosity. He seen my profile and seen that one of my favorite scriptures were one of his favorites. And he said I was BEAUTIFUL :) . So he sent me a pre-made message (we were both using the free trail). I checked my email very frequently and always had messages about my "Matches" from the test. So i would just delete them. I almost deleted the one from JLAW (Josh). I t…

Hidden Truth

She hesitated at the post box, not knowing if she should really send the letter. Quickly opening the metal flap and dropping the letter. She could almost hear it hit the other letters and postcards. Wondering if any of the other seventeen year old that were contacting a family they had never met. She still could see the hurt on her mothers face when she had lost her temper and said hurtful words that she could never take back. Why had she lied? Sara wanted the truth. That's all. Even after confronting her mother with what she had found, she still could not get the whole story.
After hearing at school that the senior prom was going to be themed “Blast From The Past”, Sara was ecstatic. She knew that her mothers old prom dress would fit her. Sara remember when her and her mother would drag out the photos of Sara's parents at prom. Sara missed her dad so. She was only twelve when he passed away in an automobile accident. Her mothers always said that she had that dress still some …

Blessings, breakdowns, and other stuff

Oh my goodness!! Its already Feb 7th! Before we know it March will be here. Cray how quickly time passes by. This past weekend was the best... I only mentioned it in 3 post that Josh and I were going away for a weekend. Well last week when our little Eli got sick we didn't think that was going to happen ---you can read about that here and here--- Our trip was going to be postponed obviously if Eli was to remain in the hospital. But PRAISE God he was not... There was so much that happened this weekend. So some very funny moments! HA!

So on Friday night Josh got off we immediately left... WHOA back up, first lets talk about Lauren's CRAZY day before we left. I left work at 3. Josh text me, "I want to leave tonight" (our plan was just to drive up EARLY Saturday morning) WHAT.... I had been so preoccupied with Eli I hadn't gotten anything ready to leave. So I raced to call the hotel book an extra night, then I was like ok well Fashion Bug was right across the street …

Five Question Friday

Before I get into Five Question Friday I have to take a moment and Praise GOD!! My nephew Eli who I requested prayer for in my last post is coming home from the hospital today!! EVERYTHING is normal! All test normal!!!! They tested his white blood cell count last night and was still VERY high, and only 8hrs later everything was normal!! Thank you Jesus!! I know Jesus touched his little body, he was so VERY sick. The Drs are saying it was just a virus, but I know the GREAT physician healed our baby boy!! I rejoice in you Lord!! 
1. What have you done recently that you are proud of?
Really work on my relationship with God. More prayer. More studying his word. ... and I'm also proud that I'm in school even if its taking me almost 10yrs to get a 4yr degree lol
2. What is your favorite way to work out? Or if you don't workout, what are you wanting to try?
I LOVE to walk outside and DANCE! I love top dance to my Michael Jackson experience... Michael and I can move it move it! =)
3. …

What I'm Loving Wednesday... and other stuff

Linking up with Jamie!
I'm Loving that I made it to Wednesday... 
I'm Loving that in only 2 days the hubby and I are having a little get away
I'm Loving (praying) my nephew is getting better 
I'm Loving that I have the best friends and family
I'm Loving that I got to eat a breakfast burrito this morning... mmm
I'm Loving my hubby
That wraps up What I'm Loving Wednesday. I'm going on very little sleep and I have some kind of allergy thing going on. Stuffy, sinus pressure. Of course I have been extremely worried about my nephew. Please pray for Eli, he has some kind of infection in his body. White blood cell count high. High fevers. We were at the ER almost all night. He needs a touch from God. He is getting blood test results this afternoon. Thank you in advance! 
Until tomorrow, Happy Blogging!!