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Monday, already?

This weekend flew by!

Saturday I rested all morning and then cleaned. I am starting to feel better, however, Josh is now feeling bad! But I started him on meds right away. Like I should have done. Hopefully it won't last that long!

Did you know that this coming weekend is the start of our VACATION!! YAY!

I can't wait just to take a break from everything. It will be so nice.

Yesterday was such a blast! We took our Jr High group and the couple who is on our team to Gatlinburg and a Ripley's musuem. It was so much fun and we had tons of laughs!! I will try and upload a pic when I get home. Josh took all the pics :)

Well I have tons of work and school work to do. So see ya tomorrow!!

Happy Blogging!

Fridays Letters

Dear week, this has been a LOONNGGGG one. I'm glad your ending. 
Dear sickness, GO.AWAY. 
Dear Josh, only 8 days babe!
Dear Vacation, I know these 8 days are going to fly by!
Dear money, why do you disappear so quickly?
Dear Bees, I am so happy you are dead. 
Dear Baby, mommies heart has been thinking of you all week. I love you. 
Dear birth control, one more month my friend that is all. 
Dear ovaries,eggs, and sperm-  if you would ovulate correctly, drop correctly, travel correctly that would be great if you could all work as a team. I liked to be pregnant with our second baby ASAP. Thanks for your corporation. :) 
Dear Josh, I love you even when we argue. Or get frustrated. 
Thats all for this post guys!! Happy Blogging!!

My Heart

There are many things on my heart today. Things that God is showing me. So I don't have much to say, at least not right now. Plus this cold medicine is making me a bit -whats the word- woozy? LOL

Anyway, this song is on my heart... He is the only one I NEED


I'm so thankful that I was able to stay at my own home last night!

I'm thankful even though I made a 'C' on my mid-term I didn't fail it.

I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who cleaned up the "bee cemetery"

I'm thankful for best buds

I'm thankful for our jobs

I'm thankful for that the BEES are GONE!!!

I'm thankful that after work I'm going home and taking some meds. Not feeling that great!


Today Im grumpy. And I'm trying hard not to be. After not being in my house since Friday night (that includes our weekend away) I'm ready for my own home and bed. My in-laws have been so gracious. They have housed us and our 2 dogs. And they have fed us. But there is nothing like your own home. It does seem to be that I'm getting a summer cold, or its just allergies. Last night I was able to sleep on an air matress. I know this sounds weird but I find then so comfortable! J does not. :)enough of the complaining.Up date on the bee situation:
Termanex came out and sprayed. Told us that our case was very unusual. Bees usually aren't swarming houses... thank god. So that is all. Have to go to class tonight boo! Wish I could skip :/Ill make it :)

Killer BEES!!

Yes you read that correctly! So, last night Josh and I tackled a swarm of bees in our bathroom. I thought I had seen condensation on the ceiling. I went to BARELY touch it. It cracked. A SWARM of bees emerged. Then the freaking out took place! Josh was a bit freaked out, and when he freaks out ( my rock, passive, calm husband) I tend to really go crazy!! EEeeekkkKK!

They covered out mirror and lights. Just hundreds of them. I'm getting chills even now.

Josh has pictures, but um. I'm not posting because I DON'T want to see them! So sorry.

So at about 1am, after spraying hornet and wasp spray, we decided not to spend the night at our home. Over to the in-laws we go.

However before this we had a great weekend!

Josh, my brother, and I went to Johnson City to visit our cousin and her boyfriend. They have a new apartment. Her first place on her own!! Makes me sad! To me she is still my adorable, beautiful little cousin! (She is still adorable and beautiful!) We brought Pixel wit…

Friday's Letters!!

Dear Friday, YOUR HERE!  Dear Weekend, you are going to be so much fun!  Dear Jess, I can't believe your old enough to be inviting me to YOUR home for the weekend! Ugh I feel old :)  Dear Josh, yeah.. sorry about the rant.  Dear Abby, hope you have fun this weekend. Try to be sociable. I will be back. Promise. Dear Pixel, I'm not sure how you are going to do on a long car ride... we shall see.  Dear HCF, I'm going to miss worshiping with you guys Sunday!!  Dear Precious Baby, I can't wait to get my necklace. And share your name. Love you so much.
 Dear Josh, I love you. The end. :) 
Dear Jesus, Keep me aware. 
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Red Flag!!

Ever been in a situation that looks so innocent. But then something in your sprit is going off like a loud tornado alarm!! Well there have been a few situations like that in my life and as of late a few in my friends lives. You see we go through life some times in a routine and not really realizing what is going on...what is creeping up... PAY ATTENTION

You know I have a rule of thumb, If you have to question intentions, actions, words... step back and pray. DO NOT proceed with out praying.

Psalms 34:4 Pull me from the trap my enemies set for me, for I find protection in you alone.

My protection is from him. You see I believe in Heaven and  I believe in Hell. I believe that there is satan. Not some image of a firey man with a pitchfork, but a true spiritual enemy. 

In John 10:10 it says "The thief comes only to steal and(A)kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."

In Ephesians 4:27 "Do not give the devil opportunity"

In Ephesians 6:12 &q…

Liebster Award!! Whoohoo!

My wonderful blog buddy Valerie at From Single To Forever nominated me!! YAY! I'm so grateful! Thank you Valerie!

This award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.  Liebster is German and means sweetest, kind, lovely, endearing and welcome.

How it works:

Each person must post 11 things about themselves.Answer questions that the tagger sets for you and then create 11 questions for the bloggers that you tag.Choose up to 11 bloggers and link them to your postGo to their page & tell them No tag backs :)And lastly, have fun!!

1, my husband is the only man I have kissed, held hands with, or have made love with :)  2, I'm proud to tell #1 3, I have a 10 year old Lhaso, Abby, who I adore 4, I'm one of 3 children, I'm the middle  5, I'm sometimes can be a tad forgetful or flustered. Mostly because I have so much going on in my head that I tend to space out or get flustered/overwhelmed 6, I'm very clumsy. To the point where the hubs…

Sometimes and Always

I love how God weaves things together. Because of the loss of our precious one I've gotten to know some incredible women.

And they way they have reached out to me. Something that I loved that was said by a dear friend of mine.

 "I do not NEED anyone, I only NEED God. I choose to allow you in my life and share it with me" SQF

 So, even though it may be painful. I'm not going to be counting on certain people anymore. Because frankley they let you down, but God is always faithful...

* Stepping off of soapbox*

Now its time for some fun!

Sometimes... I can not realize by unhealthy behavior Always... try to work on those areas of my life 
Sometimes...I'm not completely honest with a close friend of mine Always... eventually we talk about it
Sometimes... I'm checking facebook ALL day Always... feel horrible about it
Sometimes... I am sensitive to things around me and things people say Always...Cry and pray, then I feel better
Sometimes... I get so sad about our baby that I…

2 months

2 months ago we said good bye
2 months ago No sweet lulibye
2 months ago my worst fears
2 months ago drawing near
2 months ago you slipped away 
2 months ago I'll never forget the way
2 months ago started my journey
2 months ago I'm still hurting

I started writing this yesterday and couldn't finish until this morning. I'm sad. I'm hurting. I'm thankful for the text and messages yesterday. They meant so much! It helped Josh and I through a very difficult day. Thank you again to the ones (you know who are) you reached out to us yesterday <3

We miss our little baby so much. And we have some many questions. However we have peace knowing that God is doing something in our lives... Even though we are suffering through this pain I pray that in some way this is going to be a testimony for HIS glory.

Until tomorrow...

Get Ready to smile...


And time for my favorite activities :) 
Dear Ashley, I think this is such a cute idea! I love it more every week! Dear J, thank you for hearing my heart and working on being a better 'us'. Dear S, thank you for being there when I need you. I couldn't ask for a better friend. Dear B, you hurt my feelings this week. But I'm glad we talked it out and I forgive you :) Dear Professor Sheldon, I love you! I know I will be sad when this 6 weeks is up :( . Dear J and A, I get to see you again in ONE WEEK!! YAY! Dear F, Please start respecting me. Know my boundaries. Dear J, I love you with all my heart. Dear H, you will have been gone 2 months Sunday. I think about you everyday. I love you with all my heart precious one. Dear God, thank you for revealing some things to me. I will not be packing anyone else's luggage <3

and my other favorite :)

1. What's your view on men wearing sandals (yay or nay)?
Well I don't mind flip flop types, or sandals ar…

Patsy Cline (my version)

I had a dream last night that was just not pleasant. And I woke up so angry. I feel in a funk today. I'm going to spend sometime in prayer and reading some scripture. So for your enjoyment I'm posting a video of my karaoke skills! LOL Its so amusing :)

I know dorky right?? LOL Its a guilty pleasure.. Singing karaoke Patsy Cline :) There are some other very funny vids on there of J and my brother heehee

Until tomorrow!

Randomness of LaLa

There is so much going on in my mind today... whoosh.....

so to warn you this maybe a little random :) You forgive me though right?

I need to seriously do a post on the 4th! I have pics and vids to share :) I will try to work on that tonight and hopefully get it posted for tomorrow or at least Saturday LOL - forgiven again?? 

First, I'm seriously loving Professor Sheldon (seriously that's his name). I feel actually privileged to have such a brilliant person to be teaching me. He has studied under some very impressive people and is impressive in his own right. Even though he does go the ENTIRE 4hours of class I feel like I'm really learning. Classes like this make me love being in school. Does anyone remember these??

I've been thinking about the baby.  And no I haven't mentioned much of it for the simple fact I don't want my blog to be all sad. And I'm not sad all the time. But I never STOP thinking about her. I feel bad because some things have taken a ba…

Sometimes & Always #2

Ok, I'm hooked to this blog! Megan is such a sweetheart! You should check her out!

Sometimes... I love an overflowing amount of ketchup Always... Have some sort of condiment 
Sometimes... (courtesy of the hubby) Act like I hate Pixel Always...Truly love her (I apparently in his words "Don't fool anybody")
Sometimes... I can down and eat a whole thing of pringles bbq chips Always... Eat at least 1/2 the can (They are addicting!)
Sometimes... I LOVE to sit outside  Always... Hate the bugs that come along with sitting outside
Sometimes... I enjoy being in college Always... Am counting down the days until I graduate!
Speaking of college I need to get back to the studying! Class tonight! Geography class #2! 
Happy Blogging!!

Monday's Weekend Update

First of all this morning I woke up hearing a faint knock on our front door... and a little girls voice "Ding Dong"! My mom brought m niece and nephew over for an early morning visit. We were supposed to be up already but Mondays are the hardest. So I got cuddles and kisses first thing this morning from my 2 favorite little people!

Friday - 
Got a call from my brother and he just got his first paycheck from his new job. (So proud of him) He asked if Josh and I wanted to go see a movie *his treat* OF COURSE!! Bro and I picked Josh up and headed to the neatest drive-thru place. Its called "Cook Out"

 Let me tell you. Anything you want they have - quesadllas, hamburger, onion rings, chicken fingers, corn dogs, slaw, hushpuppies, fries, shakes... on and on...
 You choose a combo for $4.37 - you get on main thing, 2 sides, and a drink. (Cool thing is the sides the entrees on the sides menu!!

Then we went to see MIB3!! Let me tell you the best one out of all 3! LOVED LOVE…

Friday's Letters and FQF

Dear Friday, You came so fast! Of course that could have been I've only worked two days this week :)
Dear 4th of July, You turned out to be awesome and our first party at our house was a sucess!
Dear Husband, I'm so sorry I was all out of sorts last week and we quarreled so much. 
Dear Z, it's over. sorry. 
Dear Burkhart family, I'm so sorry for your loss my prayers are with you. 
Dear Pixel, you were so sweet to the kids. Thank you. 
Dear Abby, you are getting a little attitude as you get older. I think its adorable.
Dear family, Thanks for coming over! 
Dear Grill, You are my FAVORITE new thing! What can we grill next?? 
Dear Husband, I love you so very much. These past two days have been so awesome. I hated to go back to reality today <3
Dear Jesus, Thank for you continued love and faithfulness. 
Go link up with Ashley for Friday's Letters! They are so much fun!

1.Is love at 1st sight possible?
I think you can have a 'connection' but true love is built over time.…

Sometimes and Always #1

(This is my first link - up with Sometimes and always with Megan, yay)
Sometimes... I'm a clean freak Always ... like a clean bathroom :)
Sometimes... I feel like I could lay in bed all day Always... have Gods strength to get me up
Sometimes... All I can think about is our precious baby in Heaven Always... carry my love for our baby 
Sometimes... I write poems Always... write on my blog
Sometimes... I could drink water all day and never want a coke Always... at least have 4 or 5 glasses of water 
Sometimes... I want to kidnap my niece and nephews :) (i'm their favorite anyway) Always... I love being Aunt Lala
Sometimes... Josh is the sweetest man  Always... We are totally in-love with each other
Happy Blogging!

Weekend laziness

First time linking up with this neat blog-hop... So head over and check them out :)
Well Friday wasn't that great. Little bit bumbed... But I made it. Saturday was better... 
My favs on Saturday - 
Slept in until 10!! aahhh and I went to bed at 11 the night before Sleeping liked a teenager always is a highlight LOL
Josh got off early! YAY! Love any extra time we get to see each other
Josh got a promo code for redbox and we were able to get a free rental! 
We watched "The Artist" - it was made in the form of a silent movie! LOVED IT!! 

Then we made supper together, nothing fancy but quality time :)
I also got to see some family. My nephew being one of them... <3

My favs on Sunday-
Woke up early went to church... worship was great 
Children's church went great! Loved the faces of the kids when I told them that baby Moses ended up at pharaoh's house! Priceless... they gasped. I kid you not. 
Went home cooked some yummy food 
watched a couple movies 
took a nap