Sometimes & Always #2

Ok, I'm hooked to this blog! Megan is such a sweetheart! You should check her out!

Sometimes... I love an overflowing amount of ketchup
 Always... Have some sort of condiment 

Sometimes... (courtesy of the hubby) Act like I hate Pixel
Always...Truly love her (I apparently in his words "Don't fool anybody")

Sometimes... I can down and eat a whole thing of pringles bbq chips
Always... Eat at least 1/2 the can (They are addicting!)

Sometimes... I LOVE to sit outside 
Always... Hate the bugs that come along with sitting outside

Sometimes... I enjoy being in college
Always... Am counting down the days until I graduate!

Speaking of college I need to get back to the studying! Class tonight! Geography class #2! 

Happy Blogging!!


  1. Girl, you and both with those BBQ Pringles. Mmmm, sweet nectar of the gods. I'm embarrassed to admit I ate a whole can in 2 days last weekend. Oh the shame.

    Good luck in class tonight!!!

  2. haha these were fun! I love sitting outside too. you should see if the 'off' stuff works. I've always wondered.

    And sometimes, ketsup on things just make the meal complete. Haha
    Emily at Amazing Grapes


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