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I'm excited about some very cool news I got this week.

I was contacted by a organization that I stand behind to be a contributor blogger on their website! I won't say who right now but when it is released I will definitely let you know! I'm so excited about this opportunity!

We have been sharing one car for ever! And we are now in desperate need to fix this! So please pray with us as we are looking at used cars that we can not spend very much money on. And we don't have that much extra to put into it.

Also, there are some other things that we need direction on. We are trusting God to lead as he always does.

Did you know that I'm writing a blog for my counseling theories class I'm in right now? Well I am  :)

Here is the link LaLa's Thoughts on Theories

We must write a blog post for 10 different theories and therapies. This professor seems to be grading tough too, but I do enjoy his class! His humor keeps me laughing... probably because he is on the sarcastic…

I betcha didn't know...

So found this over at Perfectly Imperfect and thought I would  play along...


**Things you will find in my purse
~all my make-up - I have 2 mascara, several lip gloss, 2 large eyeshadow compact, powder, concealer, blush and several make-up brushes :)
~ Wallet (of course)
~Ipod, that usually has a dead battery LOL
~random receipts ( I have hard time throwing things away)
~Old tissue (gross right?)

**Things you will in my bedroom
~All of my clothes... Josh has to use a separate closet (the closets are small ok?) 
~all of our chargers (Josh must have them within arms length)
~my Hope pillow
~empty glasses because I always have water in the middle of the night
~stacks of clutter

**Things I've always wanted to do
~Take a pottery class
~Take a painting class
~Visit the church where Hope's name is recorded
~Go on a cruise
~Get a massage

**Things I'm currently loving (this may be a little sad LOL)
~When I get to sleep
~any lotion (this cold weather is taking a tole on my hands)
~my b…

Shy to Not So Much

From a young age behind my smile was a very anxious, shy, not a very confident person. I was so insecure about myself that I never wanted to talk in front of others except for children.

There were some struggles for me as a teenager. I was one of those kids who from a young age followed Christ. My moral compass was extremely high for a young person. Unfortunately the young people who were around me did not share my views, and the friends of mine that did lived in another state.

Being an outcast or unaccepted by your peers can leave a damaging affect. Middle school I was made fun of often. Youth group at church was no better as I entered my later teen years. I was OK for a shoulder to cry on or to gain advice. When one of my friends decided to bump up their morals for a time then I was fine to "hang" with.  This peer rejection stayed with me, and then I had my heart broken by someone for some of the same reasons. I was not willing to compromise  my beliefs or morals.

At 19 I…

A sweet and thoughtful day

Last years Valentines day was not that great. Josh was sick and I was playing nurse. He forgot it was Valentines day.  The only reason I refer to that is because last year was not that great of a year... in our marriage, life, finances. There was just so much.

But let me brag here for a second. My husband has been so amazing. Do you know why?

Because he has taken the initiative to work on himself. Trying to hold to his promises, completely cut down on his gadgets... and the one that meant so much was on Valentines day. You see I'm not about money being spent, jewelry, or anything huge. But thoughtfulness? That's what fills my "love cup" to the brim.. and overflows it.

First he arranged to be off on Valentines. Which was great! We slept in... then exchanged cards. His card was a handmade one! Which I loved! He wrote a beautiful note to me. (Which by the way he has been writing me notes often lately, and I Love it!! Men, write your wife a note. Surprise her with it. T…

True Love - 1st kiss, 1st I love You

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! YAY!! I thought I would write about Josh and I's love story. What better time to get sappy right?? Get ready for some major sappiness

I've wrote from when we found each other up to our first date so if you need to catch up you can go HERE and all the links are there!

After our long 1st date we were together every weekend. All week long I counted down the hours until I would make that drive to my grandparents house so that I could see Josh the next morning.

Our second date J walked me to the door (with some nudging from me... He would get so nervous!) and I gave him a hug.

We were on our 4th date when Josh asked me to be his girlfriend.
"So, I noticed on your Myspace profile it still says single. Do you think we can change that?"
Yes, that is how a man in his mid-twenties asked me to be his girlfriend. Even though I still kid him about it, it was pretty cute! :)

Now mind you we had only hugged.

No holding hands, no kisses.

The next weekend…

Blurry Vision

Can I post a tad bit of a rant here?

Will you still love me anyway?

Aw, you are all so kind...

I read a post today from someone who had tried for years to get pregnant. Suffered miscarriages. It was a painful experience that ended in a positive! She conceived and now has a beautiful baby!

Here is the really frustrating part... She complains about this child all the time. How she gets annoyed with things she does. Or how she is grateful because she doesn't have hear her noises when she sleeps because she is now in her own room.

This really upsets me. I know having a child can be trying. But I would think after years of wanting a child there would a tad bit more joy coming from the situation. I can only imagine how I would be if I get to be a mom. But I know for certain it would be the most joyous thing of my life. I would LOVE to be able to conceive and have a beautiful baby. Or hold Hope.

What about being employed? I know that all jobs are not the greatest. And I've had some…

Friday's Letters

Dear Josh,
I  Hope you know how much I love you. Thank you or for supporting me in everything I do. When it seems I'm always writing a paper, researching some statistics, writing up my contact log, preparing for a meeting, or any of the things I do in a week. I promise You and I will have some quality time this weekend. Sorry for my absence this week. Think this time next year I will be almost done with school :)

Dear job,
I really love you. And I'm excited to continue to watch this program grow.

Dear bosses,
It was a great compliment today when you wanted my co workers portfolios, organization, etc to look like mine when you present it to state Tuesday :D

That's all that folks! I'm exhausted!

Have a great weekend!