A sweet and thoughtful day

Last years Valentines day was not that great. Josh was sick and I was playing nurse. He forgot it was Valentines day.  The only reason I refer to that is because last year was not that great of a year... in our marriage, life, finances. There was just so much.

But let me brag here for a second. My husband has been so amazing. Do you know why?

Because he has taken the initiative to work on himself. Trying to hold to his promises, completely cut down on his gadgets... and the one that meant so much was on Valentines day. You see I'm not about money being spent, jewelry, or anything huge. But thoughtfulness? That's what fills my "love cup" to the brim.. and overflows it.

First he arranged to be off on Valentines. Which was great! We slept in... then exchanged cards. His card was a handmade one! Which I loved! He wrote a beautiful note to me. (Which by the way he has been writing me notes often lately, and I Love it!! Men, write your wife a note. Surprise her with it. Tell her how much  you love her... it goes along way)

We then ate breakfast and headed out for the day. I had no idea where we were going. Honestly, I hadn't had the time or energy to try and guess (Like I usually do). Every time I did ask he would just tell me

"I got it"

So, we as were headed to the destination we reminisced which is always fun. We arrive at the Art Museum! I LOVE going to museums! I had never been to this one downtown where we live. It was beautiful! And so much fun... so many things to look at! And ponder...

We are dorks I know! LOL 
Anyway both of these pieces are completely made out of magazines and new papers! Is that not cool... I wish we could have take more pictures but we had to be stealth :)

After finishing at the museum we walked to the Sunsphere which I had never been to... and we decided  won't be again. First off they were doing construction work, the elevator was shaking, and it stunk... But the view was pretty. And some nice lady took our picture

We walked and talked forever holding hands. It was a beautiful day!!

(other then having to go to class lol)

I found out later on that he had 3 separate plans he got together just in case one or the other didn't work out! Love his thoughtfulness!

I'm truly a blessed woman. I thank God for Josh, I really do! 


  1. You definitely have a thoughtful man there, and I love it. Can he slip my husband some hints on the love note writing? Mine used to do more of this but not so much anymore. I always just loved those little notes that let me know he was thinking of me. An e-mail or text just isn't the same to me. :-)

  2. I just love this, I had a romantic day once a long time ago, lol. Just kidding honey! I don't care about the money gifts at all, your day sounds about as perfect as a guy could make it! But you left out the best part, when your mom came and met you two, and Donna n James too! NOW that made it just that more perfect!

  3. Yes, Lauren, you truly are a blessed woman! This sounds amazing and Josh really made up for last year (for sure :)).


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