Blurry Vision

Can I post a tad bit of a rant here?

Will you still love me anyway?

Aw, you are all so kind...

I read a post today from someone who had tried for years to get pregnant. Suffered miscarriages. It was a painful experience that ended in a positive! She conceived and now has a beautiful baby!

Here is the really frustrating part... She complains about this child all the time. How she gets annoyed with things she does. Or how she is grateful because she doesn't have hear her noises when she sleeps because she is now in her own room.

This really upsets me. I know having a child can be trying. But I would think after years of wanting a child there would a tad bit more joy coming from the situation. I can only imagine how I would be if I get to be a mom. But I know for certain it would be the most joyous thing of my life. I would LOVE to be able to conceive and have a beautiful baby. Or hold Hope.

What about being employed? I know that all jobs are not the greatest. And I've had some job that were not the funnest. BUT, I had a job. You have to have a job to make money, money to support your family, family to have a happy life ... right? Do you realize how many homeless families we have in America? How many we have unemployed? How many children go to bed hungry??

We have all had those sad lonely nights where we just wanted to be loved? HA! Am I right?


So you have a spouse and you chose to marry them. But they are just not good enough anymore. So you complain about them. Not putting any effort into making your marriage better. NOPE, you complain.

This my friends is BLURRY VISION... You have been BLESSED by God, yet you can't see past your selfishness to see that.

Living your life for your own personal gain, being selfish, begin ungrateful is a sad existance.


I'm not saying I don't have down days because I do. But you cancel the invites to your self-pity party and move on.

Get in your word see how the disciples lived. See how Jesus lived.

WHEW! That feels better :) Better things tomorrow! Back to studying for this final :)


  1. love this! yes, we often times forget the blessings we have right in front of us. i have learned over time, to not really wish for what another person has b/c you truly do not know their issues. you only see what they show. good luck with finals. i complain about my job at times and not having a child yet, but it will come in my own time when the Lord I serve is ready to bless me with these things. until then, i am thankful for what i have!

  2. LOL! Vent away! I understand everyone has bad days or days of raw nerves but always turning a negative into a postive is having good coping skills. And you always do! LOL!
    Venting is good, lets the steam out of the kettle or else ya blow up.
    Love ya
    from ma kettle

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  4. Oh my, that is so sad! I always hate to see people who aren't thankful for their blessings and what they have. Jobs, loving spouses to share your life with, and children are truly wonderful blessings from God. I hope I never take these things for granted. I know at times in moments of exhaustion and frustration, I feel down and depressed, but I wouldn't trade any of those things right now. It's true -- we shouldn't compare ourselves to others and want what they have because we don't really know what issues they have. My pastor's blog post today was on the "snare to compare." Such an easy trap to fall into these days! I know you will be a wonderful mom who never takes her children for granted and that God has wonderful things in store for you.

  5. Love this rant. Especially, "But you cancel the invites to your self-pity party and move on." Feel free to get on your soap box any time :).

  6. I love this post! You're absolutely spot on! So many people seem to be so dissatisfied with the abundance they have, and always want more - or even worse - want different. I'm lucky to say that I'd change nothing in my life. It is tough sometimes, being a Mum to Special Needs kids - would I change them? Not for the world. I am truly grateful for what I have been blessed with :-)

    Returning the love from Happywivesclub :-) x


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