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It's just been us

Going into new ground during this season. Josh and I have been a Family of Two for over 6 years now. Adding a little bundle of joy has been a dream of ours for so long, and we are so thrilled.. of course that shocks you? :)
After all this is sinking in we are entering a territory we know nothing about! 
We will be a family of three in October. That is daunting. Josh and I love each other and are passionate about our marriage.
We both have talked about what our marriage will look like after the baby. 
I'm so thankful because I have so much family and friends that care and love us, I know we won't be alone in this journey!

To those who have a healthy marriage any advice for this new mom to be or maybe a book you recommend? I'm all about learning and I do realize a book cannot teach me everything but it could help! :)

Please positive comments only, this pregnant lady is very sensitive and emotional! 
Love,  Aunt LaLa

Seasons of Change

Mom took this pic of me last Friday! Those squiggly lines are the babies heartbeat! 
Oh it is the most wonderful sound I have ever heard! 
I'll never forget that moment of when I heard the heart beat and seen tears pouring down Josh's face. 
We have been so heartbroken at times and discouraged. All through everything Josh has been my rock. 
All through January when I thought I was losing my mind he was there helping me through it. To see one of his dreams fulfilled as he heard his babies heartbeat for the first time is a moment I'll treasure. 
There will be so much change in our lives this year. I graduate in May and then... our baby will be here in the Fall. Cousin getting married. New nephew being born. 
Such happy times ahead!! 
But I have to add this in... it is on my heart. When I announced our pregnancy on here I could not help to think of all the other women who were reading that post feeling forgotten or maybe jealous. I know I have felt that way sooo many times. …

One plus One equals three

How do I even tell you that ...


OK that was easy!! 
Yesterday was the best day of my life this far. We got to hear the heartbeat of our little baby. I can't even describe the emotions we felt as tears poured down our face listening to the sweetest sound I have ever known.

God has given us a miracle. We are pregnant without any help of drugs, fertility treatments. Do you realize how amazing that is?

God has heard our cries...our family and friends prayers!

He loves us oh how he loves us!!

Valentine's Day 2014, was the best day of our lives. I know there are many more to come.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday! Without further ado everyone meet baby Lawson!