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What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Linking up with Jamie
I'm Loving that tomorrow I get to see O and E!!  I'm Loving that I get to see my BFF soon!
I'm Loving that its cold outside! 
I'm Loving that the weekend is just around the corner!
I'm Loving that I will be apart of the puppet ministry again! Its so fun!

I'm Loving Hope
I'm Loving my Josh (thumbs-up)

As always I'm Loving my Jesus!! 

Happy Blogging!



Webster defines them as:

1. a obsolete : disturbance b:excitement 2 a: the affective aspect of consciousness :feeling b: a state of feeling c: a conscious mental reaction (as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling usually directed toward a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body
The thing about emotions is that they are not always rational. In fact sometimes we do not even know why we are feeling the emotion we are feeling? Can I get an AMEN from the women!? HA!

You ladies know what I'm talking about.

Even when we are not suffering Eve's curse we still are emotional creatures.

Living by our emotions and letting them dictate they way we behave or think.... Could have some serious consequences.

Sometimes our emotions are fleeting, actually they are mostly always fleeting.  We might be so angry but something will happen - in my case Josh will make a corny joke and I'll smile. The anger slips away.

Coffee! Please! & 200th Post

Anyone who knows me well knows I am not a morning person. I love my sleep... I have my whole life.

My mom has plenty of stories of  school days where it took her a hour or more to get me up. I just refused some mornings. Even with consequneces I didn't care. LOL
Of course now if I don't get up it would mean getting fired or hubby getting fired! :) 
Speaking of hubby--- today is his first day in his new promotion! Which is awesome right? Except that I had to get up almost 2 hours early... 
You see we share one car (hopefully changing that soon) and so we always are maneuvering our schedules and the car. 
SO, right now I need some coffee! Oh how I wish I could get to a Startbucks®
LOVE that place... mocha frappuccino vente  
But alas I will not be making it there today. However the office does have a coffee maker. Now if I can just figure out how to use it... :) 

This weekend was great... except I did something to my back and it is hurting so bad!
It was probably all the cleanin…

Friday Letters

Dear week, You have gone so slow. 
Dear Pixel, You have been a good girl. You may not have to find a new home
Dear blog buddies, Did I tell you about my pink cape? 

Dear J, You are so sweet and I'm so proud of you my love!
Dear O, E, and J - I think that Lala and Joshy need to kidnap you for a weekend! How fun would that be?
Dear Abby, you were so cute acting all spunky in your old age! 
Dear weather, please stay Fall! I'm tired of being hot!
Dear Josh, just another note to say  I love you!
Dear God, You continually amaze me! Thank you for loving me despite my self. 

Lips Un-sealed

OK remember this post about my Lips Sealed.... Well 

Josh got a promotion!! Yay! Way to go hubby! He deserves it... We have been praying and leaving it in Gods hands. We are truly thankful!

He is so smart, generous, loving, kind, wonderful... I can't help to brag on him!! 

Look at the cute smile!! Love you babe! So proud of you!! 
So until tomorrow... 

Don't leave me this way...

I'm going to write whats on my heart... 
I'm praying the Lord leads me on what to say. By the way he does have an opinion on everything we do. Not just the BIG stuff, but our daily life. 
I am tired of being the same. I'm tired of being the same Lauren inside. I want better. I want God to change my heart to be more like his. 
I love the song Hillsong sings: 
Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like You have loved me

Break my heart for what breaks Yours
Everything I am for Your kingdom's cause As I walk from earth into eternity

This should be our heart. Crying out to him. 
Honestly, I'm tired of me. I'm tired of the same issues I continue to struggle with. I want to MOVE ON. 
I'm going to be real with you. 
I'm tired of being filled with anxiety about money.  I'm tired of feeling guilty because I say "No".  I'm tired of my selfishness.  I'm tired of my victim mentality.  I'm tired o…

Flat Tires, Fishes, and Corn Mazes

What a random title right??

As mentioned in my Friday Letters Saturday we were taking my niece and nephew to the aquarium. Well because we were leaving in the afternoon we knew traffic was going to be bad. So we got some local's directions to a short cut. Well this short cut involved some very windy roads!

So as Josh and I are talking, the kids are asleep and so is their daddy :) we hear

thump thump thump...

Yep, a flat tire on a narrow 2 lane road in the mountains. With two babies in the car.

Josh and my bro jump out only to find that my dad has a vital part to our carjack. So while trying to debate if it was safe to wave someone brother tries to use various tools to do the job... it didn't work. So we wave someone down... They have a carjack! YAY!

So what should have been an hour to hour 1/2 ended up being around a two hour car trip! But we made it! I'm so thankful for a donut and those two nice ladies.

The aquarium was so much fun...

Sunday we went to Oaks Far…

Friday Letters!!

Dear Blog friends, I know I promised at post on Titanic and I will get to it. Studying yesterday took up my whole day...
Dear J, I think your pretty cute!
Dear Hope, Monday was amazing. Mommy feels so happy that we got to honor you. 
Dear O and E, Get ready for some FUN time at the aqaulorium (as O says it) tomorrow!! 
Dear God, Thank you for renewing my soul! 
Dear new shoes (that look like toms but are actually from wally world), I Love you! 
Dear Social Psych, I'm going to miss you. These classes fly by :)
Dear J, I love you!

Birthday Fun!

Yes, I am 27 ... Honestly I woke up Monday morning and felt different. There are just some birthdays you feel that way... At least I have!

My birthday weekend was amazing. And of course you know my hubby is the sweetest! So Saturday our church hosted pastors wives, women leaders, and ect for a couple hours of encouragement and some other fun stuff. Remember me talking about a special surprise that was being worked on for the retreat... Well because prayer lasted for a while no one was able to see our surprise. So this Saturday our assoctiate Pastor asked if we would like to surprise the ladies of this event.

Uh... YES!!

This was our table... We had so much fun!! That is my lovely mother to the right and on of closest friends with me. There were other tables... (there were beautiful!)

Are these not beautiful! These table teams did a great job! The ladies who were attending the event just giggled when they seen all this! It was such a blessing to see them blessed :)

After we went to th…

Hope's Balloon Release

What a great day... Yesterday was so emotional but yet I feel stronger. We shared our testimony and read scriptures..

Jeremiah 29:11-14

11 For I know the (A)plans that I [a]have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for (B)welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a (C)hope.12 Then you will (D)call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will (E)listen to you.13 You will (F)seek Me and find Me when you (G)search for Me with all your heart.14 I will be (H)found by you,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will (I)restore your [b]fortunes and will (J)gather you from all the nations and from all the places where I have driven you,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will (K)bring you back to the place from where I sent you into exile.’
I Love this scripture. God has a plan through our pain... and that is a plan for welfare and a future of HOPE. We can rest in knowing we were going through the hard times that are meant for growth that he will bring us out , but we will be better.

Josh read Romans 15…