What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Linking up with Jamie

I'm Loving that tomorrow I get to see O and E!! 
Are they not the cutest ever!?
I'm Loving that I get to see my BFF soon!

I'm Loving that its cold outside! 

I'm Loving that the weekend is just around the corner!

I'm Loving that I will be apart of the puppet ministry again! Its so fun!

I'm Loving Hope

I'm Loving my Josh (thumbs-up)

As always I'm Loving my Jesus!! 

Happy Blogging!


  1. hey I ddnt see momma in there? lol, I love my La La anyways....I love the weather, I love Joshy, I love this weekend, cause I will have 2 little visitors, and I love them to pieces. Have a beautiful wed, and looking forward to tomorrow with my wonderful three babies. La la, Olivia, and Eli.

  2. I am loving the cold weather as well:-)

  3. Love the new look on your blog!!


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