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2013 a New Year

2013 is here. Well less than 24 hours away. This year has stretched me, changed me, and challenged everything about my life. To be honest I'm glad this year is coming to a close.
I'm thankful that I've made it through this year.I love that my blog has grown. I have loved interacting with the blog world. I've met new friends. And have had some really great support and love that has been sent my way. Through this year my relationship with God has changed. Its become more intimate. When we lost Hope I didn't know if I could take another breath. If I would make it. But every day, moment by moment God gave me the strength to go on. My prayer has changed, my perspective has changed.... Grief is a monster. Its something that can take over your life. It tried its best to take me down. But God never left me.This year I have grown closer to my friends. Women I trust and know love me and have my back. They will fight for me and not with me.  I've been able to be apart o…

Merry Christmas

(Read as the night before Christmas)
" T’was the Night Before Christmas
Heaven’s Version'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Heaven‘s house,
All the angels were stirring, the Saviors birth to announce!
The Heavenly Host’s were getting ready to sing,
In the hope that their anthem would let True Freedom ring.The shepherds were keeping their sheep late that night,
While the Provision from Heaven hung just out of sight.
Mary was weary from traveling all day,
While Joseph was searching for a place they could stay.A decree from Caesar made travel a must,
Mary’s feet were now cold, tired, and covered with dust.
Yet, in her heart she quietly remembered, 
That the Angel of the Lord said, She was highly favored!All Joseph could find was a room in a barn,
But at least for the night Mary’s feet would be warm.
The time of her delivery would be here soon,
As the light of the day, gave way to the moon.The Son of the Highest he shall be called,
A Horn of Salvation given for all…

Christmas Tree oh Christmas tree

Here is our tree. I'm loving it this year! We have so much more room!! :)
And one of Josh and Is Christmas pics my lovely grandmother took. Happy Saturday!

Packed full but not forgetting

It's so easy to be busy during this holiday season. Christmas parties, celebration, shopping, and on and on. But we must not forget what this season is about. It's about a night long ago that a yong girl gave birth to our savior and Lord. Our father in heaven GAVE his only son for us. Only to be crucified some thirties something years later. Yet, we lose sight of magic of Christmas. I've been so disappointed to hardley find any Christmas music on. Not that many joyous people either. Instead I'm finding more scrooges or people  who are indifferent. This makes  me sad. Have we become so wrapped up on our own selves and problems that we are losing our joy and happiness as a society. In light of the tragedy last Friday we should be holding on to every pure, happy, joyous thing we can. Thats my opinion any way. So you can't buy everything you want. So every thing isn't going your way. So you might have had a tough year.... But you have life. I know that God had his …

Big Blue Eyes...

As I looked into my niece and nephews big blue eyes Friday tears poured.

My heart is broken...

Honestly I've read and seen so many argument, opinions, views on the tragedy that has befallen these poor families.

We are never as sane individuals going to reason away or grasp why this happened.

You can say we need more guns
We need no guns
We need better treament for mentally ill

But at this moment I don't want to even THINK about contributing to any argument because no matter what side, issue, or argument we are standing by

It will not bring the 26 souls that are no longer with us back. 20 of those who died as innocent children. Who had to look death in the face. Or those 6 brave individuals who died by trying to protect the babies.

So as my heart breaks I'm praying hard for peace, solace, strength... healing. And hope.

Christmas delight!

Can you believe that were are only a little over 10 days away from Christmas?

Did I just make you panic? :)

Anyhow, I apologize for my absence. This time of year is full of craziness!

Josh and I still haven't had a chance to celebrate our anniversary... but we were able to spend some extra time together these last four days and it has been so nice.

Josh and I work hard on our marriage. Sometimes its easier then others.

After all we have been through this year it has taken a toll on us as a couple. I have struggled with whether to write about this, but, I've always promised honesty. I believe we go through things to grow us and to prepare us to minister to others. It's the circle of God miraculous plans.

My pastor last night at our ladies Christmas celebration mentioned a story she heard a minister tell. He was suffering with great pain, and instead of being in desperation about the pain he stopped and prayed. Thinking this pain was for a purpose. Shortly after this a ma…

Fridays Letters

Linking up with Ashley for Friday letters :)
Dear week, you have been ddrraaggiinngg
Dear self, I worry about you...what a weird week.
Dear job, your awesome but exhausting
Dear dad and mom, was great riding with you yesterday
Dear J, I love you
Dear o and e, you both were so cute last night!
Dear HCF, love all of our Christmas activities!
Dear S, I'm trying to be happy for you.
Dear God, please help me not to let the bitterness and jealousy take over. I'm a work in progress, be with me.
Dear J, just wanted to say I love you again <3
Dear Jlaw Incorporated, I'm looking forward to your dinner ;)have a great weekend! Love, Aunt LaLa

Random Wednesday

Here is a bunch of random pictures :)So it took me 2 nights to catch up on my sleep from the weekend. Is that normal? LolEven though I've only read, read, and read student files I'm really enjoying my new job.Looking forward to finishing decorating our treeLooking forward to play practice... This year is going to be halarious! I love holidays!! Happy Wednesday!

Out of Sorts

What a wonderful weekend... but I'm exhausted. Working both jobs, getting up extra early, J working at different locations, twisting my ankle, then a weekend packed full of parties, and no sleep.

So today now I'm feeling a little tired and out of sorts. It was my first day at my new job by myself. It was so much fun even though all I did was meet people and read student files.

So Saturday was our five year anniversary. And we didn't get to celebrate together. We tried Friday night but that didn't work. We were both exhausted and so tired that neither felt very romantic or celebratory. So after 2 hours of just driving around and talking we ended up just going to the groceries store and buying snacks... went home and watched our wedding video. The next day was our actual anniversary which I left early that morning to head to a family reunion. Josh had to work. By the time he made it to the destination in another state to pick me up it was late in the afternoon. After th…

5 year anniversary

Happy 5 year anniversary to one of the sweetest, gentle, humble, big hearted, godly, funny, loving, sexy man I have ever known...And I get to spend the rest of my life with him...I love you Joshua AaronLove, your funyungrl