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I am the mom not you

Through out my life there have been many times where unsolicited advice has been overwhelming, frustrating,and hurtful.
There has been three times that it was all the three above.
1. When I got married 2. When I had a miscarriage 3. When I had Ethan
A few months ago I asked mothers to send me things that pertained to mothering their children.
Some responses were heartbreaking and made me mad to be honest. Some were your typical insensitive things that people say.
I started writing this post to give examples, but I could not continue because honestly I was getting too angry. Some of the moms I have talked to have really suffered in silence by what some others have called "help" or just saying their opinions because they "care". My heart hurts so bad for these women. 
I am a pretty bold person. I have had my moments where I have had to kindly put some one in their place. I also have had to be firm. Mothers need to feel empowered! These are our babies! Whether our children ar…

It was not supposed to be this way

I am one of the 15% of women that has been diagnosed with postpartum depression.
Over the last few years there have been  some very hard seasons of life.
One of those hard seasons was infertility which was a hot topic here on the blog.
We lost our baby, Hope.
After four years of trying to get pregnant it happened! We conceived without any help of medicine... our miracle baby.
The pregnancy was pretty uneventful. Worked hard on keeping my sugar levels down.
I just thought finally, I get my hearts desire. Ethan had been growing very fast. At my 36 week ultrasound they were saying he was close to 11lbs. On September 14th in the evening Ethan wasn't moving much. It had me very  worried. The next morning I was scheduled to be checked again because of his rapid growth. At the ultrasound Ethan was not moving but his heartbeat was strong. Long story short emergency cesarean, Ethan went to NICU for 3 weeks. I did not get to hold him until he was a week old. I had to leave him every night.…