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Not as planned

I feel almost obligated to apologize to anyone who has prayed, read, or had interest in all the on goings of Aunt LaLa.... 
I had plans, big plans to record everything. Blog about all life's muses about being a new mom, new jobs, moving, family, J and Ethan. But I haven't. 
I guess any mom can relate to when you had your first baby, life changes in so many ways. Ethan has become my life, everything else I finish with the goal of getting back to play and cuddle.
Blogging has not seem that important I guess. Oh but how I love to write! 
Should I continue to blog? Where is Aunt LaLa going? Does Aunt LaLa - the name -  fit now? 
My niece and nephews are still so important to me... 
I feel like I've been in a whirlwind!
September - We had Ethan early and went into the hospital October- Ethan came home and we adjusted to having a baby and J started a new job with a completely different schedule and driving time November - our house gained VERY unwelcome guest, had to move sudde…