Not as planned

Look at that cuteness!!
I feel almost obligated to apologize to anyone who has prayed, read, or had interest in all the on goings of Aunt LaLa.... 

I had plans, big plans to record everything. Blog about all life's muses about being a new mom, new jobs, moving, family, J and Ethan. But I haven't. 

I guess any mom can relate to when you had your first baby, life changes in so many ways. Ethan has become my life, everything else I finish with the goal of getting back to play and cuddle.

Blogging has not seem that important I guess. Oh but how I love to write! 

Should I continue to blog? Where is Aunt LaLa going? Does Aunt LaLa - the name -  fit now? 

My niece and nephews are still so important to me... 

I feel like I've been in a whirlwind!

September - We had Ethan early and went into the hospital
October- Ethan came home and we adjusted to having a baby and J started a new job with a completely different schedule and driving time
November - our house gained VERY unwelcome guest, had to move suddenly with my grandparents for our saftey.. and give away one dog and our other is with my mom

And here we are in December. 

I'm so thankful, very thankful for my grandparents! This situation is short term, but I know that they are loving Ethan being here and this will make a special first Christmas for Ethan. 

It was nothing like I had planned... nothing in these last couple months has went as planned. 

It is teaching me to just accept where I am and realize there is a plan. God has me here in this time at this moment for a reason. With that said... it has been very difficult.

Faced with decisions that were hard and some choices have been out of my control... and I do not like that... 

Trusting God implicitly is difficult. It is hard to relinquish control and walk into the unknown. Now when we walk into the unknown it is with our baby boy. It is not just J and I. We have Ethan... 

Having a child brings on a whole new sense of protectiveness and weight of your decisions.

I feel we have made the best decisions for him in this situation. 

I'm not sure where God is taking our family of four. But I DO know that he has a plan. Please keep us in your prayers. 

As for this blog, I really want to make more time for it. 

That's the plan...  but we know how plans go... :)

Aunt LaLa


  1. Keep blogging and writing it is good therapy! Besides I am nosey and want to know what is going on! LOl! My pleasure to have Ethan growing and changing before my own eyes!! Love you


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