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Marriage After Kids

Before I get into my muse what do you think of the new look??  
My mind is more confused now as to why people sometimes have children to "fix" or enhance their relationship.
If you know J and I personally or have been around Aunt LaLa for a while you know how much we love one another and how hard we work at having a healthy marriage.
Marriage is one of the greatest and scariest commitments you can make.
Josh and I celebrated our eight year anniversary today. Eight years! And in year three we decided we were ready to start trying to get pregnant. We had no idea what a journey we would be taking in trying to grow our family.
In year seven it happened! We had a baby! What a miracle, our baby boy.
I thought I was prepared for everything... as much as I could be. But what I was not prepared for was how having our miracle took a toll on my marriage. Wow. 
I was felt so disconnected to J. It literally broke my heart. 
First we went through a traumatic birth, unexpected move, livi…