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Who is the Happy Winner?

Sorry for my absents and delay in telling you who won the giveaway so without further ado

Barbara K you are the winner!!
Congrats to you Barbara! I'll be sending you a message shortly!! Look forward to another giveaway next week!! So if you want another chance or missed this one.
Look forward to an very important post Friday evening sometime! ITS BIG!! PROMISE!!
Here is something I want to share with you
That's right! On May 10th I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Arts! 
I'm so excited!! To God be all the Glory!  
So emotional! 
Love,  Aunt LaLa

Just Wait

I cannot tell you the amount of times that someone has said to us either individually or together to just wait.

Just wait... the honeymoon phase will end
Just wait... one day you won't be able to stand eachother
Just wait... all the kissing and hand holding won't be there
Just wait... this does not last
Just you wait... you will see

I really want to write a snippy come back to the comments of late. It is really hard not to be angry at someone saying these ugly things about my marriage.

My heart hurts just writing those things. I realize marriage does not come with out challenges. But geeze... how miserable are you to say these things? Or maybe your view of marriage is skewed....

I think that to make your marriage be something more than a miserable thing your stuck in, you need to make a CHOICE to make it better or how about never letting it get to the point where you can not stand each other?

Listen, J is not perfect and neither am I. One thing I can tell you we have almost …

Want to share the Happy!

I'm so excited to share this with you all!!
As you all must know by now I am a big supporter of Happy Wives Club (Go check out my recent article by clicking the link)
This giveaway was supposed to happen LAST week... BOO to the sick season! But I'm back and trying to get it together :)
So guess what I have for you!? I will be hosting two giveways. Each will be for a Happy Wives Club book. Fawn Weaver took her idea of Happy Wives GLOBAL! It is now on the New York Best Seller list and the USA TODAY best sellers list!! That is not it... Happy Wives Club has been featured in the Huffington Post twice in two weeks!!
So I love what this stands for! This book is really encouraging! So without further ado sign up to win below!!
This giveaway will run through this week until Sunday! I post a winner Monday, 1/28~

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love,  Aunt LaLa 


Last night our church watched the movie Unstoppable. It is a movie by Kirk Cameron.

Going into the movie I was not sure what it was going to look like. I had watched an interview with Kirk Cameron and he spoke a little about what the movie was about.

Watch the preview and then I'll add my two cents :)

I remember the first Christian based film I seen with Kirk Cameron. It was the first Left Behind movie. I was 15 and and this movie made an impact on me. Ever since I've casually followed Kirk Cameron's ministry.

When I first learned about Unstoppable I was intrigued. After watching the interview and the preview I wanted to see it! But I had a problem, the closest theater showing the movie was already sold out. Of course this is not a bad thing but a great thing that so many went out to support this film.

So when my church (by popular demand) decided to show the movie and I was excited.

It was produced in a much different way in my head. I was not expecting such a great (but …

What does 2014 hold?

So we are 7 days into 2014 and I've been doing some contemplating on this year. We started the year off freezing to the point of numbness...

Seriously it took more than an hour to get feeling back in my derrière! HA!
But it was so much fun! Starting the year with great friends!
Getting to see the ball drop in Pigeon Forge at the Island! Seeing the band and the light show!

It was a great time! 
This year has started off great really! Some very powerful prayers have been said over me, and I claiming them by faith. 
I am part of a great move of Happy Wives! (Seriously check out THIS book)
I have started this year with my family all relatively healthy! 
I get to see my best bud next week! 
We have had a great snow/ice storm here! Loving it! 
There are some big events happening this year! I'm so excited!
~ I graduate in May! It really is surreal! I am down to 3 classes!
~ My little cousin is getting married in May! 
~ I will have another nephew in April! Praying little Mason stays …