What does 2014 hold?

So we are 7 days into 2014 and I've been doing some contemplating on this year. We started the year off freezing to the point of numbness...

Seriously it took more than an hour to get feeling back in my derrière! HA!

But it was so much fun! Starting the year with great friends!

Getting to see the ball drop in Pigeon Forge at the Island! Seeing the band and the light show!

It was a great time! 

This year has started off great really! Some very powerful prayers have been said over me, and I claiming them by faith. 

I am part of a great move of Happy Wives! (Seriously check out THIS book)

I have started this year with my family all relatively healthy! 

I get to see my best bud next week! 

We have had a great snow/ice storm here! Loving it! 

There are some big events happening this year! I'm so excited!

~ I graduate in May! It really is surreal! I am down to 3 classes!

~ My little cousin is getting married in May! 
She is the one in the middle, The hottie on the right is my younger cousin Paul... they make me feel old!

~ I will have another nephew in April! Praying little Mason stays in Mommy's belly longer than his

~ Josh and I will have a child (praying and believing) 

Most of these things are going to occur the first half of the year! Really there is no telling where we will be next year. I have no idea what God has in store for us... but I know this

Happy New Year my friends! I pray this is a blessed year and better than 2013!

Aunt LaLa


  1. Great pics Lauren! Happy New Year!! Love you and pray all your desires come true!


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