Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Worry is an exhausting thing. It can really drain you of energy.

There are many things going on right now. One of the main things is we need prayer for my in-laws.

My father-in-law will be going into surgery tomorrow morning for a stint in his heart. He has blockage and they are expecting things to go well.

These are the times where J being an only child is difficult. Not because I begrudge having to help my in-laws and be there for them. On the contrary, if J had 12 siblings nothing would keep me from being there for them when they needed me.

It is just when we you have more family that is supportive the better and stronger you feel. However, the four of us will stand together tomorrow in prayer for a safe surgery and great recovery. I know God will be there for us to give us strength.

I can see God's hand in this. It is making J realize that he needs to take better care of himself. It gives me more ambition to push J and myself.

My FIL will be "out of commission" for about a month they say (if everything goes very well). This is going to effect their lives financially and emotionally.

So please my facebook, twitter, blogger friends pray with us. That everything go well. That God will guide the doctors hands. Above all that God be glorified.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you;my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you.Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

I will tweet progress tomorrow. So if you want to keep updated follow me at

Staying Hopeful,
Aunt LaLa

Monday, June 24, 2013

Marraige Monday: Friends

Josh and I have not been able to find a couple that lives around us that we connect really well with that are around our age. We have great people in our life! But we just never found that "Hangout" couple.

I have kept in touch with one of my friends from my late teens. We have been friends for almost 10 years now! A few months ago we finally made plans to get together so that our husbands could meet. They of course hit it off immediately! They have so much in common!

Since then we have hung out quite often!

So over at Happy Wives club  Fawn wrote a post about a very cool idea her and her husband friends do for fun! So I'm joining in :)

J and I are your pretty average couple! So is our friends S and Jo!

We all love games! J, S, and Jo love playing games on various game consoles... I do sometimes. I just do not have the skills LOL!

Board games have been quite a riot with all 4 of us!

I think I have to say my favorite thing was dancing to Micheal Jackson the Experience on our PS3 Move this weekend!

Now, let me tell me you there will be pic and vids up in a couple days! I'll make sure to share!

We danced and did not care what we looked like! It was so FUN!

While trying to keep up with Michael was very difficult we tried our hardest!

I'm so thankful God brought this couple into our lives. S and I have been able to share so much and encourage each other as we are both struggling with infertility. Oh what a blessing to say how I feel or her and we both get it. S and Jo have been great friends to us. S and I both were talking this weekend, how God has such intricate plans for us all! How would we have know that God would bring us 4 together for time such as this. With husbands that are almost twins and all! :) We love you guys!

Having good friends is good for your marriage! You sharpen each other. You can get advice from each other. We all can encourage each other in the Lord, and really what is better then that??

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Happy Wives Club

Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I'm loving Wednesday

 has been a while since I've  apart of What I'm loving Wednesday and today just feels like a good day :)

I'm loving my new hair cut! 

I'm loving  my husband (as always)

I'm loving that I'm only 7 classes away from graduating!!

I'm loving my niece and nephews

I'm loving that I'm getting to swim almost once a week:)

I'm loving my Jesus! 

Have a great Wednesday! 

Staying Hopeful,
Aunt LaLa

Monday, June 17, 2013


Fawn over at Happy Wives Club wrote an great post about one of my favorite subjects.


This one word I think could change all relationships and situations for yourself as well as others.

But today's focus is on marriage.

When J and I first began to get serious (hehe which was on our 5th date) we both came from different backgrounds, upbringings, and beliefs about all sorts of things. We had so much in common, but we had somethings that needed to be worked on.

One of the things I had to learn was to see things from J's perspective. We all have our own way of doing things. And in a marriage a main tool to use is compromise.

J was an only child, I am a middle child. So you can imagine the different roles we each play in our families. J was completely and totally spoiled by his parents. He was /is their life.

So when we got married J was not accustomed to "Helping" around the house. Or making sure things we taken care of.  His mom is a very organized person so everything he needed was always right there. She took very good care of her baby boy.

So just use your imagination on how things went down... sounds serious right? Well it could have been.

But God did sometime to my mind. I started to think about where he came from and what was his learned behaviors. So instead of losing my cool and nagging him to death we continue to implement different things to help both of us.

I do not want to spend my married life nagging or be one of those wives you complain about their husbands. In fact I refuse to be.

J and I still work on this problem today.

He needs reminding and I try to do everything myself. However is more than willing to help me. So we implement schedules on our refrigerator, alarms on our phones, and he checks in with me to make sure I'm communicating what I need from him. 

We do not always succeed in this, but we try our hardest!

So my perspective is... we have to accept some things about our spouses. They are who they are. If the behaviour is not damaging then make a choice. 

Do I want to be that nagging wife? 
Do I want to spend all my energy being annoyed? 
How can I help this situation? 

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Happy Wives Club

Staying Hopeful,
Aunt LaLa

Friday, June 14, 2013

what's worse?

 Fathers Day approaches I'm not sure what hurts worse. Another holiday to remind us of the hole we carry around. Or seeing my husband suffer. I know he is hurting. Honestly it makes my heart break into a million pieces to see him hurt.

There are no words I can say to take away his pain. Nothing I can do to relieve his pain. I do understand what he is feeling. All the questions, thoughts, and emotion.

I'm reminded of my last post. I can't do anything. Only Good can give the peace that we both look for everyday we are with out our baby.

Dads suffer too when a baby is lost. They feel a connection to that child just we do... it may be different but there is one.

Men also express this differently. J doesn't show what he feels like I do... but the hole is there all the same.

J, I love you. Thank you for taking care of me and providing for our family. I'm sorry your suffering and I know you are hurting. One day I know we will be parents... and you my love will be a fantastic father. Oxox

Please remember my hubby in your prayers.

Staying Hopeful,
Aunt LaLa

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Sometimes I want to fix. I want the people I love to do the right thing. I want them to love like I do. I want to protect them from themselves. I want them to have the love for God I do. I want.... I want.... 

I exhaust myself in "I want"

I've been reading this book by Joyce Meyer. "The Battle Belongs to the Lord"

I am only chapter two and God is really showing things to me.

For one, I can not change people, circumstance, situations, events.... I am NOT God. And I exhaust my self trying to figure out "What can I DO?"

I am a person of action. I want results. I hate sitting and waiting. I'll be honest in saying I am  not the most patient person. When J and I face a challenge my mind immiediatley starts to try and figure out what can I do.

When I see my family suffering or making wrong choices I want to guide them and give advice.

When I am having a bad day, feeling sad, disapointed... whatever... I immideiatley think "How can I get out of this mood?"

I'm convicted. Seriously. I am ashamed to say that it is not often prayer that I go to first....I do always go to prayer just not first.  It is usually my training/education that I go to. I know different techniques and strategies that help or have helped others.

I rarely just sit. rest. wait.

Being unable to get pregnant is something that has been a cloud over me... I cannot fix it
Seeing my favorite little people suffer... I cannot fix it
Seeing family members get more miserable because they will not seek help.... I cannot fix it

And so these situations plague me.

Then this morning I'm reading the second chapter of this book "Admit Your Dependence on God"

And self-rightouesly I said to myself "Oh I am totally dependant on God"

Then the more I read the more I realized... "Lauren, you do not have this perfected like you thought... get off your high horse"  :)

In 2 Chronicles 20 there is a GREAT story about King Jehoshaphat. Judah was being faced with fighting I believe 3 seperate armies at ONE time!

Do you know what King Jehoshaphat did? First he was afraid, but he turned to praising God. Telling him how amazing he is. Reminding God all the great things he had already done for his people. Then he called a fast. He knew he needed God's direction. So all of Judah fasted and prayed.


Just waited. I am in awe of that. They were about to be destroyed. killed. Instead of rushing to see what THEY could do, they waiting on what GOD wanted to do.

Verse 20 is what is holding onto my heart this morning.

and he said, "Listen, all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem and King Jehoshaphat: thus says the LORD to you, 'Do not fear or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours but God's.

So, my first step was this morning. Praising his name. Then I gave him these situations. Now I'm going to rest in him.

Until tomorrow!

Still Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Letters

It seems like forever that I have done Friday's Letters! So getting back into the blogger mode...

Dear Work, I enjoy you but I'm looking forward to the month of July :)
Dear J, I'm glad your feeling better
Dear C, LaLa is on her way sweetie... can't wait to meet you and give you tons of kisses!
Dear JJ, LaLa and Joshy can't wait to see you! You getting so big!
Dear M, We are just too awesome
Dear J, You have my heart.
Dear God, You are moving. And teaching. And molding. I love you.

Setting up at the flea market for the first time tomorrow! It will truly be a learning experience and I can not wait to see all the different people that will be there! I'm sure to come back with some stories!

Maybe a what to do and not to do at a flea market?

We shall see.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday woes

Until May of next year my Thursday nights are not my own! 

You see I go to class on Thursdays, I do love school most of the time. But sometimes I think what will I do after there are no more papers? Presentations? Night class? Nothing...

Will I continue my education? I do not know... 

It has taken twice the amount it is "supposed" to take to acheive my degree... Do I want to add to that? 

I know God will lead me... 

It is a little unnerving thinking about not being a student. 

This is my mind as of late... 

Lots of questions. With no immediate answers.

I will be 30 in 2015 is this a normal process I am going through? The older I get the more I change and question... 

YES, Lord I know! :) 

I will trust in him... I'm a work in progress!

Have a great Thursday! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


M.I.B. - Missing In Blogging...

It has been quiet over here at Aunt LaLa...

I am not sure why I have not blogged.. For one I do not have internet at home. And there has not been any down time at work or school for me to sit and write.

There has just been so much. After dealing with Mother's day and really feeling like I made some BIG steps in healing... I have just been pondering on some things.

From when I was a pre-teen I have felt this great call on my life. I can not begin to explain what it means, or what the call is. But I feel it in my bones.

As a teen I was different. As a adult I am different. It is just something that I know God has something big for me to do. A work for him.

I may never know what impact my life has until I get to Heaven. I am not thinking I am going to be some celebrity or something...  Just I feel his presence pushing me to do something.

I am feeling a pull in one area and I am seeking the Lord as to what he wants.

My mind is filled with thoughts of next year when I graduate... What am I going to do?

I love my job! I really do.. But I do not think I will be doing this forever. Or maybe I will.

It is not that I have nothing to say my blogger friends... it is that I have SO much to say.

Today, I will put aside the inner wrestling and pondering. I get my neice and nephew to myself! :) Wish me luck! HA!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

I love this man!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Coral Beach Resort

Me on the balcony
Coral Beach Resort was the nicest place I have ever stayed! Seriously, these hotels and such are just not going to add up to the beach front resort... Sighs...

I researched SEVERAL hotels, motels, resorts, condos... At one point they were all running together! :)

When we arrived at Coral Beach Restort is was beautiful!

Photos of Coral Beach Resort & Suites, Myrtle Beach 

Mostly our travel lodging has been in hotels or friends houses :)

Coral Beach offers 10 water attractions.. .which is
2 kiddie pools
1 outside pool
1 indoor pool
Kids water park (which J and I played in, it was awesome!!)
1 jacuzzi outside
3 inside jacuzzi
Lazy river
and a sauna!

There is also a cool bowling alley, game room, fantastic restaurant for breakfast, bar and grill, and more!

The staff were very nice. Housekeeping was great, every time we needed something they were more then willing to help.  The room was very clean!

We stayed in a King Suit - which is a king size bed along with a murphy bed in the living room area. Which according to my in-laws it was really comfortable. And their pretty picky ; )
There were two T.V.s, couch, table, there is a full kitchen. I thought it was so great that there was provided plates, cups, bowls, silverware, toaster, pots and pans!

So now for some not so awesome great things--

 It is a completely cash less resort. Which means NO MATTER what you want to do, you better have money some type of card. They do not tell you this on their website nor on your reservation. They will not budge on this.

We like to use cash only on vacation, it helps us stay on budget. Well when we got there you can imagine our dismay. So we were not able to do anything until our last full day at the resort. So that was a little frustrating. So be warned.

Also we were traveling with a smoker. Most rooms were non-smoking now anywhere! But they had a rule set in place where you could not even smoke on the balcony. So they would have to walk outside of our room to walk to an end of a hall or by the elevators (which I thought was strange). Or you could walk all the way down to the balconies. Beware if you break these rules they will charge you $200!

All in all I was very pleased with this resort!

they let the craziest people stay there! HA!