Coral Beach Resort

Me on the balcony
Coral Beach Resort was the nicest place I have ever stayed! Seriously, these hotels and such are just not going to add up to the beach front resort... Sighs...

I researched SEVERAL hotels, motels, resorts, condos... At one point they were all running together! :)

When we arrived at Coral Beach Restort is was beautiful!

Photos of Coral Beach Resort & Suites, Myrtle Beach 

Mostly our travel lodging has been in hotels or friends houses :)

Coral Beach offers 10 water attractions.. .which is
2 kiddie pools
1 outside pool
1 indoor pool
Kids water park (which J and I played in, it was awesome!!)
1 jacuzzi outside
3 inside jacuzzi
Lazy river
and a sauna!

There is also a cool bowling alley, game room, fantastic restaurant for breakfast, bar and grill, and more!

The staff were very nice. Housekeeping was great, every time we needed something they were more then willing to help.  The room was very clean!

We stayed in a King Suit - which is a king size bed along with a murphy bed in the living room area. Which according to my in-laws it was really comfortable. And their pretty picky ; )
There were two T.V.s, couch, table, there is a full kitchen. I thought it was so great that there was provided plates, cups, bowls, silverware, toaster, pots and pans!

So now for some not so awesome great things--

 It is a completely cash less resort. Which means NO MATTER what you want to do, you better have money some type of card. They do not tell you this on their website nor on your reservation. They will not budge on this.

We like to use cash only on vacation, it helps us stay on budget. Well when we got there you can imagine our dismay. So we were not able to do anything until our last full day at the resort. So that was a little frustrating. So be warned.

Also we were traveling with a smoker. Most rooms were non-smoking now anywhere! But they had a rule set in place where you could not even smoke on the balcony. So they would have to walk outside of our room to walk to an end of a hall or by the elevators (which I thought was strange). Or you could walk all the way down to the balconies. Beware if you break these rules they will charge you $200!

All in all I was very pleased with this resort!

they let the craziest people stay there! HA!


  1. We've actually stayed there and did like it although we switched to a resort that has an indoor kids' water park because the water was warmer in the kiddie pools. I don't remember the cashless part and also don't recall the smoking rules although I suspect that is the case in a lot of resorts. My sister-in-law smokes and she has been with us to the new place we go, and I think she smoked on the balcony but not sure. The place we stay now is Dunes Village if you want to look it up. I still have fond memories of Coral Beach because it was the first real beach trip we took with Evan. Glad you guys had a good time! :-)


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