Thursday woes

Until May of next year my Thursday nights are not my own! 

You see I go to class on Thursdays, I do love school most of the time. But sometimes I think what will I do after there are no more papers? Presentations? Night class? Nothing...

Will I continue my education? I do not know... 

It has taken twice the amount it is "supposed" to take to acheive my degree... Do I want to add to that? 

I know God will lead me... 

It is a little unnerving thinking about not being a student. 

This is my mind as of late... 

Lots of questions. With no immediate answers.

I will be 30 in 2015 is this a normal process I am going through? The older I get the more I change and question... 

YES, Lord I know! :) 

I will trust in him... I'm a work in progress!

Have a great Thursday! 


  1. He is the Potter we are the clay. No matter if young or old we are still being molded...
    Love you


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