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It Takes Three

I hope somehow these post about marriage have helped you or maybe remind you of what you may need to revisit in your own marriage.
It has reminded me of some of the most important things that are needed for a happy and healthy marriage.
I have had four post and this makes my fifth.
The four post covered...
Quality Time Communication Loving Yourself Compromise
This last post will wrap up the Keys to a Happy and Healthy Marriage... for now 
I really feel like marriage is not promoted in our culture.
Instead we have a "Try it on" mentality. Live with the person first. Then if you don't like them... well it is easy just break up.
But being in a marriage...having that commitment is sacred. It is a life commitment. Until death do you part.
Sometimes...marriages do not work out.
Someone said something to me who did not get that happy ending all us girls dream about.
"God hates divorce. Hates it. Do you know why? Because of all the destruction. It is havoc on relationships. It…

I want it MY way

Hi everyone!
So this is our fourth installment of Keys to a Happy and Healthy Marriage...
I hope you are enjoying these.
Today's topic - compromise.
In my personal opinion the reason we do not compromise is because of pride.
Pride can be our downfall in so many ways. In all of our relationships.
Scripture talks about pride alot.
Recently I taught our youth group and we talked about respect.  Sometimes when we are disrespectful it is because we are holding on to our pride.
James 4:6 says "But he gives us more grace. That is why scripture says: "God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble"
Jesus was the ambassador for grace.
God warns us about pride throughout the bible.
It is a dangerous characteristic.
I've touched on it briefly and today I'm going to focus on how pride can snuff out your marriage.
When you are joining two people together it is difficult. You both have your own quirks, pet peeves, habits, hobbies...
The list goes on.
You MUST compro…

Little Bit

Just a little update on how we are doing...

I've noticed in this journey of miscarriage and infertility people are generally afraid to ask questions or bring it up.

Afraid it will be awkward or make us sad.

Let me say first, it is okay to ask. We want to talk about Little Bit. The baby was apart of us no matter how short the time.

We loved our sweet Little Bit. We would rather feel sadness and talk about the baby, then feel like people have forgotten.

That to me has been tough.

I know no one is going to grieve the way we do... its tough thinking no one remembers.

J is right here with me. Grieving too. People often forget that the dad grieves too.

J and I have been on a long journey toward growing our family. Having E gave us this false sense of hope that we would not loose a baby because we were successful getting and staying pregnant with E.

We were unfortunately blind sided by the still small image on the screen.

In saying all this we are having more better days. Less crying. …