It Takes Three

I hope somehow these post about marriage have helped you or maybe remind you of what you may need to revisit in your own marriage.

It has reminded me of some of the most important things that are needed for a happy and healthy marriage.

I have had four post and this makes my fifth.

The four post covered...

This last post will wrap up the Keys to a Happy and Healthy Marriage... for now 

I really feel like marriage is not promoted in our culture.

Instead we have a "Try it on" mentality. Live with the person first. Then if you don't like them... well it is easy just break up.

But being in a marriage...having that commitment is sacred. It is a life commitment. Until death do you part.

Sometimes...marriages do not work out.

Someone said something to me who did not get that happy ending all us girls dream about.

"God hates divorce. Hates it. Do you know why? Because of all the destruction. It is havoc on relationships. It has lasting effect forever. It is painful. It creates un-forgiveness"

I thought about how true this is. I have seen so many couples have children and break-up/divorce. It is so tough. It is heartbreaking. The pain that goes with divorce can have lifelong devastating effects.

None of these things I've written about are 'fool proof' to making a marriage work. But one thing I know is 100% 'fool proof' is God.

I have seen God take a marriage that was broken, crumbling...and make whole once again.

But it took BOTH husband and wife making God first and allowing him to heal them both.

It took work.

If there is only one post that you really take heed to then please let it be this one.

God has to be number one in your life.

More important than your spouse...and even our children.

Without having a personal relationship with God where you are working on yourself, and being the best you...relationships can become awfully muddled.

Only God can do damage control to heal a marriage of infidelity, lying, abuse...

(Just a side note- I am not saying stay for abuse or infidelity... I am saying if you make a choice to stay there HAS to be God in the middle of it for there to be true healing and change. And other important steps to make sure everyone is safe)

A true commitment to your marriage has to start with a commitment to God. 

My commitment to God enhances my marriage.

Because God enhances our character, he builds our character, gives us lessons on love and just name a few

All these are extremely important to your marriage.

Pray together. It is so important to pray together. 

Almost every night since Ethan was born we all three pray together. It is apart of our nightly routine. 

Ethan knows to plant his sweet little hand in ours (sometimes along with the monkeys, or giraffes, and maybe a Paw Patrol character or two)

We are teaching Ethan. He is watching us. 

I learned from watching my parents that God has to be apart of your marriage. I've seen my parents marriage come back from a very, very broken place. 

This year they celebrate 33 years of marriage! 

How great is that!? 

But it took God and only God... and some will power to work it out. 

It is not a secret that my love for God is a priority to me. 

God has been so good to me and my family. My son is a living breathing miracle...he is one of many in my family. 

I just don't claim to be a Christian. Following Christ is my life. Its my center, my cornerstone, my core. 

If you want a great relationship... with anyone...start there. With Jesus. 

All my Love,
Aunt LaLa

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  1. Absolutely agree with you baby, God has to be the most important part of your relationship. I really am enjoying your series on a healthy relationship. Keep it going love!

  2. Love this Lala! You are putting God first! Awesome! Love you


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