Little Bit

 Just a little update on how we are doing...

I've noticed in this journey of miscarriage and infertility people are generally afraid to ask questions or bring it up.

Afraid it will be awkward or make us sad.

Let me say first, it is okay to ask. We want to talk about Little Bit. The baby was apart of us no matter how short the time.

We loved our sweet Little Bit. We would rather feel sadness and talk about the baby, then feel like people have forgotten.

That to me has been tough.

I know no one is going to grieve the way we do... its tough thinking no one remembers.

J is right here with me. Grieving too. People often forget that the dad grieves too.

J and I have been on a long journey toward growing our family. Having E gave us this false sense of hope that we would not loose a baby because we were successful getting and staying pregnant with E.

We were unfortunately blind sided by the still small image on the screen.

In saying all this we are having more better days. Less crying. When one feels down the other lifts them up.

We are excited and celebrating new life with those around us and are so excited for our loved who are expecting or who now have a newborn baby in their arms!

I even got hold the one month old last week. It was heaven. There is nothing like little baby slobbers and cuddles...and you know what I did not cry or feel a great sense of loss.

And that my friends was a victory!

We desperately want another baby... but just not ready for that journey at the moment.

It is okay to talk about babies with us, its okay to be excited around us, and its okay to talk or ask us about Little Bit.

So my readers... we are well! And we are so thankful for the friends and family that God has blessed us with.

God is still good and still faithful. He is teaching us and molding us even in this time of grief.

All my love, 
Aunt LaLa


  1. People seem to think they open up the wound again if they ask how you are doing getting over a loss. I am guilty. No one whats to make it harder for you to move on. I am glad you are doing better. I love you

  2. This is so true! The silence can hurt even though we know it is likely coming from a place where people just aren't sure how to act and don't want to hurt you. You are such a strong woman and a kind friend. I love helping you remember your precious angels. I wish we could sit and talk and remember together. And laugh and half fun too! That is what life is all about! ๐Ÿ˜™


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