Friday's Letters

It seems like forever that I have done Friday's Letters! So getting back into the blogger mode...

Dear Work, I enjoy you but I'm looking forward to the month of July :)
Dear J, I'm glad your feeling better
Dear C, LaLa is on her way sweetie... can't wait to meet you and give you tons of kisses!
Dear JJ, LaLa and Joshy can't wait to see you! You getting so big!
Dear M, We are just too awesome
Dear J, You have my heart.
Dear God, You are moving. And teaching. And molding. I love you.

Setting up at the flea market for the first time tomorrow! It will truly be a learning experience and I can not wait to see all the different people that will be there! I'm sure to come back with some stories!

Maybe a what to do and not to do at a flea market?

We shall see.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa


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