Christmas delight!

Can you believe that were are only a little over 10 days away from Christmas?

Did I just make you panic? :)

Anyhow, I apologize for my absence. This time of year is full of craziness!

Josh and I still haven't had a chance to celebrate our anniversary... but we were able to spend some extra time together these last four days and it has been so nice.

Josh and I work hard on our marriage. Sometimes its easier then others.

After all we have been through this year it has taken a toll on us as a couple. I have struggled with whether to write about this, but, I've always promised honesty. I believe we go through things to grow us and to prepare us to minister to others. It's the circle of God miraculous plans.

My pastor last night at our ladies Christmas celebration mentioned a story she heard a minister tell. He was suffering with great pain, and instead of being in desperation about the pain he stopped and prayed. Thinking this pain was for a purpose. Shortly after this a man came to him experiencing the same exact pain. This minister could relate to him now because he had been through the same thing.

When she said this I realized that I could not hold this in. The season in our marriage is no FUN. There I said it. We have argued, felt disconnected, discouraged, out of sorts.

But, we are talking, working, praying, reading the word... Clinging to God and making him first.

Without him in the center we will not have the marriage God wants us to have.

We are still in-love. and crazy about one another. That hasn't changed.

We have changed though..

Lets face it, life is tough. And this year has been exceptionally tough.

I've learned a very big lesson. Grief is a POWERFUL emotions. It affects every aspect of your life.

It has affected our marriage in a big way. And that's OK. There are seasons to everything including your relationships. Every relationship.

We recognize the enemy is out to still and destroy. We are not letting him have us.

God has been so good to both of us. With J's promotion and my new job! I praise him for his love, grace, and mercy!

Not sure why I felt the need to share this... But its OK that we have bad days. Or we may feel "out of sorts" ... Cling to God and his word.

As we continue on the pursuit of closeness with God we will in turn become closer...

Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. I love your honesty and have you two in my prayers. I think relationships are quite tough but if you keep faith and allow HIM into your relationship, then everything will work out for the best.

    Thinking of you~

    XO Lourdes

  2. Jesus never said life is easy! But He gave us so many promises to cling to! It is a busy time of year and even us older folk have our ups and downs in our marriage! Christmas is here already or at least around the corner and then January is kind of a downer, or should I say a restful month. Take January to devote to God and each other for the new year and what it will bring for both of you!! Love you much! Grams


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