Out of Sorts

What a wonderful weekend... but I'm exhausted. Working both jobs, getting up extra early, J working at different locations, twisting my ankle, then a weekend packed full of parties, and no sleep.

So today now I'm feeling a little tired and out of sorts. It was my first day at my new job by myself. It was so much fun even though all I did was meet people and read student files.

So Saturday was our five year anniversary. And we didn't get to celebrate together. We tried Friday night but that didn't work. We were both exhausted and so tired that neither felt very romantic or celebratory. So after 2 hours of just driving around and talking we ended up just going to the groceries store and buying snacks... went home and watched our wedding video. The next day was our actual anniversary which I left early that morning to head to a family reunion. Josh had to work. By the time he made it to the destination in another state to pick me up it was late in the afternoon. After that we left to my best buds birthday party


Which was a great time... and not going to bed until 3:30 and then up at 10:30... only to leave from there and drive back home to make it to a Christmas party for the leadership at our church.

So yes, maybe I'm just feeling out of sorts because

I'm tired
Haven't spent any quality time with J
I've changed jobs

There is just so much....Things I don't feel the need to write here.

So if you would prayers for me to get out off this funk would be appreciated...

Until tomorrow


  1. mommy is praying...always have, so hang on, God is just starting to move in this new adventure in your life. It will be a journey, like life is, up and downs, but never alone or too much on you. I love you and I am VERY proud of you my baby girl

  2. Relax, deep breath! Smile! I pray for the Lord to put so much joy in your life, that you will feel like dancing!Jesus, touch Lauren and Josh and bless them more than they could ever think possible in your name I pray!!


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