Packed full but not forgetting

It's so easy to be busy during this holiday season. Christmas parties, celebration, shopping, and on and on.

But we must not forget what this season is about. It's about a night long ago that a yong girl gave birth to our savior and Lord. Our father in heaven GAVE his only son for us.

Only to be crucified some thirties something years later.

Yet, we lose sight of magic of Christmas. I've been so disappointed to hardley find any Christmas music on. Not that many joyous people either. Instead I'm finding more scrooges or people  who are indifferent. This makes  me sad.

Have we become so wrapped up on our own selves and problems that we are losing our joy and happiness as a society.

In light of the tragedy last Friday we should be holding on to every pure, happy, joyous thing we can. Thats my opinion any way.

So you can't buy everything you want. So every thing isn't going your way. So you might have had a tough year.... But you have life. I know that God had his hand on you every step of the way. Just as he has walked with me.

My HOPE is in him. My JOY is in him. My PEACE is in him.

Until tomorrow....

Love, Aunt LaLa


  1. Sure has been a busy month! I have been too busy for FB but never too busy for remembering what Christmas is really all about! Thanks for reminding me, I will slow down and think. Love you

  2. I completely agree! Just seems like this year has been missing some of that holiday cheer. We, as a whole, need to slow down and remember it's not always about us and someone out there always has it worse than we do.


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