My lips are sealed

So I have some exciting news but I can't share until its official... things are still in the works... :)

Hopefully I can announce tomorrow!! But since I'm not sure who reads my blog I can't announce it yet..

So moving on before I give in!!

Thank you so much for the encouraging words everyone sent after yesterdays post. In fact I kind of feel embarrassed. LOL

It was such a pity party. But as you have read and seen I don't really put on a pretense about what is going on in my life on this blog.

Right now I'm feeling so excited about my birthday weekend! Its jammed packed the next four days!

Tomorrow - Driving to my school location which is about an hour and a half away. My mom is taking the drive with me. So that will be some fun mom/daughter time! Maybe I can find my old Backstreet Boys CD?? Mom loved them just as much as I did.... well maybe not AS much. She didn't have a wall full of posters heehee

Saturday- a special event at our church. I'm looking forward to that! Then Josh is whisking me away for my birthday to the mountains. Not sure what or where we are going. He wants me to feel special and doesn't want me planning anything. (confession: even though thats what I told him I wanted was to not have to plan my OWN birthday, letting him have the reigns has proved to be difficult LOL)

Sunday- My pastors granddaughters are being dedicated. I haven't met them yet, but are the cutest twins! Then after, I believe that afternoon we are having a birthday bonfire... See my uncle and I share the same birthday. In fact, he was the baby (14yrs old) and was so jealous that I stole the limelight :) he is still bitter... HEEHEE I love you Uncle B! (ssshhhhhh... Don't tell him I put a pic of him on my blog LOL)

From my 25th birthday
Monday- is actually my BIRTHDAY!! 27... yeah feeling old... I talked about that yesterday ... Just ignore the pity party at the beginning. :)

Not sure what I'm doing. I'm thinking about working half a day and maybe have a birthday lunch with... ?? Josh has to work sooo... Who ever wants to have lunch Monday let me know!!

Then the most wonderful part.... At 5:30 we will be gathering in memory and remembrance of Hope and all other precious little ones lost. I truly believe this will be my favorite part.

I think this is enough for one post...

Happy Blogging!!


  1. sounds like a fun,busy time ahead for you!

    happy almost birthday :)

  2. Am I missing something at the church Saturday? Glad your feeling up beat today! One thing about blogs, not everyday is about "cloud 9"! Where did that originate anyway the cloud 9 thing?? Oh well something to look up again on google!!
    Love ya punky,

  3. Happy early birthday Lauren! Enjoy the weekend and my prayers will be with you and everyone else on Monday.

  4. Your birthday's coming!!! How fun. I had THE best 27th..ok, partially not true but I had JUST started getting to know G-man and we IM-ed for the first time on my 27th birthday, so I'll always remember that.

    Enjoy him planning your whole birthday! I'm sure you'll have a great time whatever he has planned. :)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  5. I can't wait to hear your news!!!!!

    A very happy birthday weekend to you my sweet friend.

    And I will say, please don't apologize. I'm so glad you're real with all of us and share yourself to such a degree. We are all here for you!


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