Coffee! Please! & 200th Post

Anyone who knows me well knows I am not a morning person. I love my sleep... I have my whole life.

My mom has plenty of stories of  school days where it took her a hour or more to get me up. I just refused some mornings. Even with consequneces I didn't care. LOL

Of course now if I don't get up it would mean getting fired or hubby getting fired! :) 

Speaking of hubby--- today is his first day in his new promotion! Which is awesome right? Except that I had to get up almost 2 hours early... 

You see we share one car (hopefully changing that soon) and so we always are maneuvering our schedules and the car. 

SO, right now I need some coffee! Oh how I wish I could get to a Startbucks®

LOVE that place... mocha frappuccino vente  

But alas I will not be making it there today. However the office does have a coffee maker. Now if I can just figure out how to use it... :) 

This weekend was great... except I did something to my back and it is hurting so bad!

It was probably all the cleaning I did... oh by the way. I actually stayed home ALL day Saturday! It was one of those days that the dust bunnies were scceeerrred... 

Well, I can't hardly keep my eyes open... going... to...find...some...coffeeeee....zzzzzzz

and by the way this is my 200th Post!!


  1. Love my coffee, or do I just love coffee in my creamer? Anyway, coffee in good in the mornings for me, the rest of the day I try to avoid It. Love you Lauren!! Oh yeah, don't send the dust bunnies this way. I have enough already!!

  2. Coffee? my daughter wants coffee? wow. I do have stories of mornings that I just hated to get up to, two children different as night and day. One, my son who was up with the birds, singing as loud as the birds, starving to death, demanding in song to food that needs to be prepared by his mother's hands. Then the daughter, you, that would not, could not get her eyes to open, UNLESS her mother, that's me, bangs on the wall like a prisoner would do in prison for attention. YEP, I did that. I tried everything, but this made her so angry that she got up just to yell. tee hee, it worked. NOW its joshy's job, but I think he would not have to do this, he probably wakes her up by kisses. lol. He is sweet that way. Now let me be honest, I miss those days so badly sometimes, am I crazy? NO, I am a momma that just LOVED being a momma, and those times are precious to me now. I love you LA LA

    love mom

  3. Love finding your blog and your blog header is fantastic.....Love it...Congrats on all your posts...

  4. Yay for 200 posts! Keep it going! :-)


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