Flat Tires, Fishes, and Corn Mazes

What a random title right??

As mentioned in my Friday Letters Saturday we were taking my niece and nephew to the aquarium. Well because we were leaving in the afternoon we knew traffic was going to be bad. So we got some local's directions to a short cut. Well this short cut involved some very windy roads!

So as Josh and I are talking, the kids are asleep and so is their daddy :) we hear

thump thump thump...

Yep, a flat tire on a narrow 2 lane road in the mountains. With two babies in the car.

Josh and my bro jump out only to find that my dad has a vital part to our carjack. So while trying to debate if it was safe to wave someone down...my brother tries to use various tools to do the job... it didn't work. So we wave someone down... They have a carjack! YAY!

So what should have been an hour to hour 1/2 ended up being around a two hour car trip! But we made it! I'm so thankful for a donut and those two nice ladies.

The aquarium was so much fun...

Sunday we went to Oaks Farms... There was so much to do! We walked one side of the corn maze. Made it to all the check points. Then I went to build some sand castles with O and E. While Josh went back through the other side of the corn maze.. Hayrides.... junk food.. line to the women's bathroom.. (smile)

Until tomorrow Happy Blogging!!


  1. Such a fun weekend. I know how much the precious time with your brother, niece, and nephew meant to you. So glad you have these memories to share!

  2. Wow, so busy!!! Great pics Lala! I love you!! Now on with the busy month ahead, bon fires, weiner roast, dinners, meetings, shopping, etc etc!! Woot woot, here come the Holidays!!

  3. Sounds like y'all had a very busy weekend. I love the aquarium pics. And, by the way, you look beautiful at the corn maze!


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