Friday Letters!!

Dear Giveaway, So there wasn't as much entries as I had hoped. We have two winners... Because only two entered and were tied! HA! :) - I will announce them Monday!
Dear Blog, I hope you grow... Just got to figure out how to do this :) 
Dear J, Thank you for supporting me in everything I do!
Dear Hope, We will be honoring your memory... love you sweet baby. 
Dear Sharon, Thank you for your support <3
Dear Pixel, I'm surprised that you have been left out all night every night this week and only had one accident. So continue to behave and this might become a permanent thing
Dear Abby, It makes me sad seeing you slow down... I hope I have you for much longer
Dear O, E, J- I LOVE YOU!!!! 
Dear J, You are my best friend. Love you. 
I'm so excited about October 15th, not only is it my birthday. But I will be hosting a balloon release at my church in honor of Hope. And all other babies lost.


  1. Perfect name for Hope! Glad that you are doing something to help others too. Love you

  2. Awww, the balloon release sounds like such a wonderful way to remember and support others who have also been through the most painful loss we can ever experience! I totally missed the giveaway...I'm not a twitter user or most of the other social media. I'll try to add you to my facebook though. Keep up the is good for the soul and you'll enjoy having the record in the future when you are sharing it with your babies! :-)


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