Birthday Fun!

On our to Titanic
Yes, I am 27 ... Honestly I woke up Monday morning and felt different. There are just some birthdays you feel that way... At least I have!

My birthday weekend was amazing. And of course you know my hubby is the sweetest! So Saturday our church hosted pastors wives, women leaders, and ect for a couple hours of encouragement and some other fun stuff. Remember me talking about a special surprise that was being worked on for the retreat... Well because prayer lasted for a while no one was able to see our surprise. So this Saturday our assoctiate Pastor asked if we would like to surprise the ladies of this event.

Uh... YES!!

Meet Me At The Fair
This was our table... We had so much fun!! That is my lovely mother to the right and on of closest friends with me. There were other tables... (there were beautiful!)

Pink Candy Table

Let the River Flow
Are these not beautiful! These table teams did a great job! The ladies who were attending the event just giggled when they seen all this! It was such a blessing to see them blessed :)

After we went to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN. LOVE LOVE LOVE that place!

It was so great! I'm going to post pics tomorrow of that. The Titanic deserves its own post :)

Sunday went to dinner with my in-laws... Where my mom-in-law INSISTED that I was sung to :) Whats a birthday without being embarrassed. For some reason Josh didn't take video...Oh well. Just use your imagination.

Then we actually went home.. And did nothing. My intent was to work on school work (which I should be doing right now). Then we went to get the rocks for Hope's balloon release. Then to Wally World :) Where Josh disapeared and kept calling me asking where I was. He was birthday shopping :)

We got home and he had bought me a cake!!

It was yummy!! He then gave my half of my present 2 canvas to paint on... Yes I paint... I love to paint. He said that he wanted me to have something to help me destress... He is so thoughtful... Have I mentioned that I'm pretty crazy about him? 

Monday morning he gave my second present 3 smaller canvas :D Love him!

Then I had my birthday lunch with some of my family... Which included one of my most favorite people in the world.... (get ready for a photo bomb) 

My cuz Jessica! She lives in another city for school so seeing her on my bday was AWESOME!!

Love my mom!

My birthday bunt cake :)

Gosh I love my grandparents!! 

I Love Love Love these pics! (L to R ) Jessica, my youngest cousin - Maddie, and my aunt Shell

This is also Jess's niece.. I love seeing them together! It reminds me of O and I.


  1. I am glad you had a wonderful birthday!! Love the photo's and I love you!


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