Beauty of a Broken Life

This was the theme for the retreat that I went to this past weekend.

50+ ladies had been fasting, praying, and came with GREAT expectations of God to truly change and heal us.

Once again God did not disappoint. I do not know if I could even put into words the great impact that was made on me. I can not speak for the other women, however, I will say I'm pretty sure that they feel the same way.

We go through this life beat up, hurt, wounded, depressed, discarded...and so so much more.

But you see we have a hope. We DO NOT have to live in this broken state.... because God takes this broken heart and he turns it into beauty! Hallelujah!

He is the ONLY way for true happiness, joy, and peace. I lost my joy... and my happiness. I have been hiding it. I've been unhappy... for several reasons. In 14 days we lost our precious Hope 5 months ago. When I lost her, I felt I lost myself. I have faced many things but with God by my side I was not defeated...

I've been in a dark place. Bitter. Anger. No Joy. No Happiness. Depressed. I fought hard to stay alive on the inside. Wore out? YES.  Tired? YES. But in my WEAKNESS he WAS AND IS Strong!!

This weekend I became truly FREE!!!! Praise the Lord!!

You my friends can have the same freedom. Freedom from the things that way us down!

Please listen to this song.


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